5 Ways How Head Lice Affects Your Relationships

Every small move counts toward something big. And every small lice counts toward an embarrassing itch! We hear relationships ending almost daily because of various reasons including disloyalty, lack of compatibility, long-distance or loss of love. But no one ever voices how personal hygiene can also be a major contributing factor in pushing your partner away. Lice are a Vice that kills the spark in relationships almost to the point of no return. Here are few ways how that unfolds.
  1. Intimacy becomes Difficult
An important aspect of every relationship is intimacy and sexual fulfillment. There can be no romantic relationship just based on conversations alone. While your partner may be trying hard to please you in every way he/she can, head lice may become a really big turn-off for them! Intimacy becomes Difficult Not only does it make the other person uncomfortable but also dampens the mood. Even though relationships are all about making compromises, hygiene should not be in that list. Keep the spark alive with a head free of lice!
  1. Social Embarrassment
. Imagine the horror of being introduced to your partner’s work colleague and extending a hand right after scratching your scalp? That incident alone should be enough to give you goose bumps.
  1. Unimpressive Personality
Even though love at first-sight sounds all great but a few years down the lane, you realize that it’s your personalities and their compatibility that is keeping the bond strong. A factor that your personality depends on is your character and how much you value yourself and care about yourself is a statement your body makes. Not caring about personal hygiene is a big flaw when it comes to refined personalities. If not now, some time in the future your partner will notice and question your lack of self-care including having casual bad breath, unbothered by body odor or worse yet, having head lice! The impression you make not just goes to your partner but also extends to others e.g. their parents and families. To be fair, no one would want to walk down the aisle with a person infected with parasite! In order to save yourself the embarrassment of being asked to change, it is important that you begin the journey to self-care today with Lice Troopers. Schedule an appointment right now with us because we are experts at providing professional lice removal services, handle your hair with love and care, and have a 35 year experience in the industry! We have lice treatment center Pinecrest and Kendall, Florida and also operate in other U.S. states. To call us over to your house or visit our centers, contact us any time of the week.