Seeking Lice Treatment for the First Time? Here’s What to Know

Lice are difficult to get rid of, and can really disrupt your quality of life if not dealt with properly. They’re a pain—literally!—because they live off your blood, clinging for dear life—also literally—to your hair shafts. They sustain themselves this way, and multiply rapidly. Usually, to contract lice you would need to have had some form of physical contact, such as head to head contact, or share towels, caps, combs and brushes. Once you have them though, it can be tempting to try at-home treatments and solutions, but we’re not fans of that route.

So how can I get rid of lice?

Simply put, there’s no guarantee that any at-home treatments for lice will work. There’s a wealth of methods and tips and tricks out there, but none of them come without side effects and issues. Not to mention, they can end up causing damage and doing more harm than good. The safest, most effective option is to seek professional lice removal services in New Jersey, where our lice removal clinic is based. Treatment for lice can be tricky, and ensuring that it’s long lasting is where experts can make a huge difference.

What should I expect during my first lice treatment?

At Lice Troopers, we have a team of expert technicians, who work with tried and tested techniques and pesticide free treatments. We strive to deliver results that will not harm you, your skin or hair, and are guaranteed to work. When you first schedule an appointment with any of our treatment centers around New Jersey—information about all of them can be found here—you will be offered treatment and screenings for yourself and your entire family.

Hair and scalp are thoroughly and meticulously checked

All affected and potentially affected family members undergo a screening that ensures they receive necessary treatment. The parasitic lice and their nits are carefully sought out making sure nothing is left behind.

Natural treatments and state of the art tools used

The hair is then sectioned and parted; pesticide free, non-toxic and safe treatment is applied, following which combs and tools are used to make sure no lice are left behind. After treatment, there is a follow up screening to prevent re-infestation. Treatment sessions generally take up to an hour, and typically a single sitting is enough to have you lice free. In fact, we also issue a clearance certificate, so your kids can go back to school the same day. It’s an easy process at Lice Troopers and you have nothing to worry about. So drop by any of our New Jersey lice treatment center and get comfortable.