An Expert in Lice Removal Answers Your Questions!

Lice are less a threat to your health, and more of a cosmetic inconvenience. Lice aren’t limited to just children, so it can be quite annoying when healthy, grown adults discover that they have these six-legged insects roaming on their scalp. However, if you want to prevent any further infestation and get rid of your lice problem as well, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the enemy.

Why does one person in the household have lice but others don’t?

Lice don’t fly. They walk from one head to the other by contact through clothing and hair accessories. If other people in the household don’t have head lice, it’s most probably because they didn’t have as much contact with the person in question. Usually, the other person who does get lice often ends up being the parent because they’re the ones who have to take care of the lice outbreak.

How do I remove nits from my kid’s head who won’t sit still for too long?

If you have a school-going child, chances are that they must be a bit worried about lice. Explain the process of nit picking to them and make them understand that you need them to sit still. If they don’t listen, try to stretch this process over some days. If your child is a lot younger, clear out the nits when they’re asleep.

Where did these insects even come from?

There are more than 500 species of blood-sucking insects found in mammals (Yikes!). Having evolved during the Mesozoic era, these lice first used to live in birds’ nests. They moved from there to feed on the nest inhabitants directly. They then moved on to feed on small rodents then chimpanzees then moved further on. In fact, human lice and chimpanzee lice have about the same difference as humans and chimpanzees themselves.

Why can’t I use over-the-counter lice removal treatments?

They’re not effective and they’re dangerous for our health. Over time, lice have evolved and created their own system which makes them resistant to the chemicals used in these treatments. So even if you do use a harsher chemical, it doesn’t work and you only end up harming your skin. Keep in mind that these chemicals kill lice. You can only imagine how beneficial they would be for your hair follicles, strands and scalp.

What Should I Do?

As a respected lice removal salon Winter Park, we receive many clients who either have adverse reactions to these chemical treatments or who are not able to handle their lice infestation. We use pesticide free ingredients that nourish the scalp and roots while removing lice. We pride ourselves on offering only the best services for our customers. If you have any lice questions, or would like to see a lice doctor in Orlando or Winter Park, come to our salon. Lice Troopers is here to help!