Why School and Summer Camp Lice Screenings Are Crucial

Lice are notorious for their ability to spread far and wide, at unimaginable speeds. They are highly contagious, which means that in environments where groups of people are in close quarters for long periods of time, they spread quite rapidly. For this reason, schools are the perfect breeding grounds for lice infestations. If the classroom is exposed to just one kid with head lice, soon enough the entire school will have a widespread head lice infestation on their hands. The same goes for summer camps. Yes, summer camps are supposed to be a few weeks of carefree fun and frolicking, with many activities to keep kids occupied. However, one stray louse can wreak havoc on the entire experience. Head lice catch on quick, and leave kids itching away at their scalps. A lice epidemic wouldn’t be so unmanageable if it wasn’t for the fact that head lice treatments are considerably difficult. It’s quite the challenge to get a head lice infestation under control, and once the gig is up, effective lice removal can prove to be practically impossible. This is mainly because most home remedies and over-the-counter lice removal products are mostly ineffective. DIY remedies may succeed in killing off a good number of adult lice, but the nits go unaccounted for. Similarly, lice removal shampoos and lotions fail to eliminate all lice and nits, and with the resistance head lice have developed, this treatment method does not seem to make much of a difference to them either way.

Nipping it in the “Bug”

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. While it is not entirely possible to prevent head lice, catching the problem in the early stages is a fairly effective way to ensure that one lice infestation doesn’t become and epidemic in the school or camp. This can be done with the help of regular head lice screenings with the help of a professional. They can make an expert assessment on whether there are any nits or adult lice present in any child’s scalp, and allow schools and parents to develop an effective plan for removal. At Lice Troopers, we offer our special head lice screening services to schools and summer camps. Our specialists come to your school or camp, and work to ensure that any signs of head lice are detected early on. From high schools, preschools and daycares to athletic retreats and camps, our technicians know how to work with kids in a professional and friendly manner, well-versed in the art of identifying symptoms of head lice. If there is indeed evidence of a head lice infestation, then we at Lice Troopers can take care of the issue in no time at all with our professional lice removal services. Our lice treatment centers offer an pesticide free, effective remedy for head lice infestations. With our help, you can not only catch infestations at schools and camps early on, but also serve to nip them in the bud with the help of our head lice treatment services! Give us a call at 800-403-5423 to book a date for a school or camp lice screening.