Fashion Vs. Lice: Keeping Head Lice Out With Some Hairstyles

Lice attack on its way? Roll up your sleeves, and arm yourself with hairpins and hair ties. It is time for you to face these pesky critters with some fashion savvy hairstyles! Lice can be incredibly problematic. Not satisfied with the frustrating degree of itching they load on your tired scalp, they also tend to move around your locks, peeking out embarrassingly when given the chance. We’re fortunate enough with the fact that lice cannot jump or fly. They crawl from person to person, typically through direct head-to-head contact. To avoid any frustrating lice transfers, twist and fold your hair up into a certain hairstyle. This will keep your hair’s surface area to a minimum, and hopefully avoid any head lice infestations. Are you ready for some lice-preventative fashion? Prep your hair for these styles:

Bring The Bun

Buns are incredibly effective in keeping head lice out of your hair. It’s simple, prop up all hair in a single bunch over the back or top of the head, and secure with some bobby pins. Two buns are better than one! Divide your hair into two and put it up into two buns for a chic look.

Going Classical

Who doesn’t love a good old French twist in braids? French braids take up your hair from top to bottom into intricate folds and turns. Not only is this age-old hairstyle quite beautiful on both short and long hair, but also a great defense against head lice. It may take a little more time than a style you conventionally opt for, but it is helpful at keeping those critters at bay.

A Fishy Business

Little does anyone know that your fishtail braid is actually a way to put up a fashionable wall against head lice! Like the French braid, a fish tail braid can also be a great way to keeping hair secured in a contained fashion, keeping lice out for good.

Tip The Cap

We haven’t forgotten the boys here! Although boys are less susceptible to head lice than girls, given a lot less quantity of hair for lice to occupy, they still might get a few critters. Put on a cap or a hat; it speaks to both good taste in style and great care in lice prevention. Let’s look towards the positive in the event of a head lice encounter with these styling tips. In the meantime, call the experts. Lice Troopers offers professional lice removal Key Biscayne services. Our lice doctors make use of pesticide free techniques in lice treatments, so that your hair remains as gorgeous as ever once you are lice-free! What are you waiting for? Call us at 800-403-5423, and let us help you!