Lice Combs Over The Ages

People today display their status with name-brand clothes and shoes. Nothing else says ‘Hey, I am rich’ more than a shiny, designer watch or the latest Apple gadget. Back in the day however, social status was determined by how nice your lice comb wasYes, you read it right.

Were Intricately Designed Combs De-lousing Implements or Fancy Hair Accessories?

Lice combs today are nothing special. Made from cheap plastic, lice combs have become THE instrument used to rid scalps of this heinous schoolyard scourge. Yes, historically speaking combs were in fashion in the Elizabethan era but go all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians and you’ll know.

Combs Used As Implement For De-lousing AND Daily Hair Combing

This was found out by anthropologist Joseph Zias and parasitologist Kostas Mumcuoglu, when examining a first-century hair comb. Discovered for one of the many ancient sites in the West Bank, there was a small surprise still attached to its bone teeth – 27 nits and 10 lice. Out of the 11 combs discovered from other ancient sites in the area, about 8 still had lice, nits or both still attached to them. They later recorded this discovery, explaining in detail the findings and how people in Ancient times removed this parasite. “Most of the ancient combs found have two sides. The combs have more teeth on one side, which are finely spaced together. People would first properly comb their hair, using the side with more spaced teeth and then comb away lice and nits with the finer spaced side. Ancient lice combs also signified status symbol of users. Wealthy and influential people used more intricately designed lice combs while others made do with crude designs.” Common materials use to make these nit combs were bone, ivory and wood. They also often showed their artistic side in the making if the nit combs – carving intricate designs of animals, birds or scenes from the Bible.

Nit Combs of the 21ST Century – Not Much Has Changed

Visit your local pharmacy, ask for a nit comb, and you won’t be given much options. Made of plastic or stain-less steel, the nit combs of today have only one thing in common with the lice removal implements of ancient times. The double-comb layout, i.e. very fine teeth on one side and sparse teeth on the other has remained the same. And we can safely assume why. Designed to work, lice removal combs haven’t changed much in the many years of its origin. Lice Troopers state-of-the-art lice and nit comb hasn’t strayed much from the original design! Strong, durable, yet fine and meticulous, our stainless steel comb can catch and remove lice AND nits! Even if you don’t want to tackle this disgusting job head-on, Lice Troopers nit comb is perfect for at-home regular lice checks. Browse through the products  have on offer and get lice-free today! Get in touch with us for professional lice treatment Kendall.