The Real Health Risks Of Lice

When we find out we have head lice, we  may feel that our life is over. What follows are days of immense sadness, followed by an unwillingness to step outside our room, refusing to mingle with the world outside. Basking in the glory of the sun is exchanged with a locked door, complete darkness, Netflix, and a box of tissues. Unable to accept reality, we feel as if we’ve been inflicted by an incurable disease. It’s a disease so powerful that it can end our lives in a matter of seconds. But of course, we’re exaggerating! The truth is, lice don’t come equipped with deadly diseases. They come equipped with sleepless nights and an itch to scratch your head off!

But They Are An Indirect Cause Of Ailments

While head lice themselves don’t carry diseases, they can indirectly become the cause of various ailments. The most common one is developing insomnia. Sleepless nights can lead to a disturbed sleep schedule as well. When you’re not able to function due to lack of sleep, it can affect your everyday life. In fact, studies show that lack of sleep can lead to problems such as obesity, stress, accidents, incidents, impaired memory, and even heart problems. Furthermore, lack of sleep can affect your appearance and cause wrinkles—all because of those pesky critters! Other than sleep problems, lice can lead to:
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Damaged Scalp Due To Scratching
  • Hair Loss Due To Using Chemical Products
  • Social Isolation
Anxiety and paranoia are the main concerns. When individuals with lice are ridiculed, they tend to shut themselves off from the world. This is alarming because it can lead to social isolation. Individuals become increasingly concerned that if they leave their home, their peers will harass and bully them again.

What Can Be Done?

While a doctor cannot do much when it comes to head lice, a lice specialist can! Using natural and organic ingredients, lice specialists can remove every nit and louse from each strand of hair. Lice Troopers is one such service that offers just that and more! As the leading lice removal service in Florida, Lice Troopers has the expertise and tools to remove lice in one sitting. In addition, we also offer head lice removal at home to individuals looking for discreet solutions. Our natural head lice treatment ensure that you leave our salon happy and lice-free. Our products won’t damage your hair, unlike the ones found online and in local pharmacies. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment today!