Head Lice Infestations—Are There Any Risk Factors?

Lice—even the word alone is enough to send tremors of disgust down your spine. These tiny parasites can wreak havoc in your life, acting as an unpleasant inconvenience. Treating head lice is particularly tricky, what with their tendency to escape detection and elimination due to their small size and ever-increasing resistance to most over the counter lice removal products. As they say, prevention is better than cure, but is there really any way to minimize the risk of contracting head lice?

The Risk Factors

The thing about head lice is that they aren’t very particular about the people they choose to infest. Their victims are limited to humans yes, but beyond that, anyone and everyone is fair game. A common misconception is that head lice are attracted to individuals who have poor hygiene. This is not true. Head lice can occur in individuals with impeccable personal hygiene as well. So even if you are extremely particular about cleanliness, that doesn’t put you in the clear in terms of lice infestations. However, children of school-going age tend to be particularly at risk for head lice infestations. Group environments where individuals are in close contact with each other are quite the favorite breeding grounds for head lice. This is essentially because head lice spread through head to head contact with another individual. They have legs with claw-like structures that allow them to crawl from the head of one person to another. Since children in schools and camps spend a significant amount of time indulging in activities that bring them into close contact, the contagious quality of a lice infestation can be quite instantaneous and widespread. Lice can also be spread through coming into contact with items a person with lice has recently used, such as combs, hats, scarves, towels, and various hair accessories. While lice do not have any preference for long or short hair, their mode of movement from one head to another means that long hair can particularly be easy to latch onto. Perhaps this is why many people favor cutting their hair short in order to prevent lice—no guarantees at all that this works! Head lice can be extremely difficult to be rid of entirely, which is why you’re better off making use of a professional lice removal service. If you’re looking for a head lice removal salon Weston, then we at Lice Troopers are at your service! We also provide lice treatment at our lice salon Plantation, and a number of other Floridian areas. Get in touch with us at 800-403-5423 and we can help you say goodbye to your little uninvited guests!