Super Lice Removal – How We Can Help!

It’s difficult to juggle mom duties with a challenging 9 to 5 job, under normal conditions. Add the stress and difficulty of removing head lice from 4 kids and you have an incredibly serious situation. Lice happens – it’s (not an important) a reality every parent must face! How you deal with this issue makes all the difference between a bearable lice experience from one that make your kids hate the very sight of a nit comb (and you). Can we add another grievance into the growing list? Super lice…your go-to lice removal methods won’t work with them! So, what will? A professional lice removal salon and the many wonderful services they offer.

How to Get Rid Of Lice – the Easy Way

One of the most important point parents and caregivers should understand about head lice removal is: it’s a process. Head lice removal is a gradual and lengthy process that requires infinite reserves of patience and time, if carried out by non-professional entities. Why does lice removal take so long? You must have heard in the news about super lice and resistance against OTC chemical based lice removal products. This leaves parents with no choice but to removal lice using DIY methods, which don’t work at all! The tried and tested method of removing lice is by using the handy dandy nit comb. This too doesn’t guarantee complete lice and nit removal because you can use the tool in the wrong way. Disturb Life Cycle of Lice for Thorough Lice Removal On average, the human head contains 100,000 till 150,000 hair strands. Lice are very particular about where they lay their eggs, always on each hair and very close to the scalp. Additionally, 5-6 nits or lice eggs are laid every day, meaning that an entire new generation of lice hatches in one week and takes over your head! Nothing short of super can help curb this process – in the form of consistent nitpicking. Adding lice removal on your to-do list becoming difficult? Let the professionals handle this job!

Secrets of a Professional Nit Picker – Lice Can Be Removed Without Chemicals

Think this was the only way to remove head lice and now the world is doomed because OTC products don’t kill lice? Lice never truly died even at the time of our parents, when applying such products. Chances of re-infestation are incredibly high – whatever lice removal method is chosen! Consistent nit combing followed by weekly lice inspections are effective, on the other hand. Take help from the best lice removal clinic in the business, Lice Troopers.