Be a Hero and Help Your Child Defeat Those Creepy Crawlies, Once and For All

Remember the first time your 4-year-old girl fell off the swing and hurt her knee in the playground? Her soft black tresses disheveled against her forehead as you gently cupped her angelic face in your palms, whispering words of consolation. Or the time little Joey nearly collided headfirst into the pavement, trying out his new skateboard? How he gracefully took the fall, withholding those tears as his soft round face turned a fleshy warm pink. Children are wonderful and innocent. And part of their innocence stems from the fact that they’re susceptible to all kinds of dangers without realizing the enormity of their impact. As a parent, your children look to you as their guardian angels: you’re a Super Dad who wards off the Boogie Man before bed-time; or Wonder Mom whose stories drive away the shadow-monsters at night. If you want to live up to the titles affectionately given to you by your offspring, it would help to fight off the real monsters that bug them as much as the imaginary ones. Lice infestation is a serious health concern and the more you ignore it as an “itchy and scratchy” season, the greater the likelihood of your child developing serious allergies and potential problems.

Lice Infestation: Risks and Reactions

One of the greatest myths about contracting lice is that it can only happen to people with poor physical hygiene. Furthermore, most lice-victims are under the false impression that trying extremely strong anti-lice treatments in the form of over-the-counter pharmaceutical or organic products will ensure instant results. In many cases, these individuals apply these products for weeks, exposing their hair to a host of corrosive elements that cause breakage and dandruff, among other side effects. The worst-case scenario, however, is to altogether downplay the severity of the condition; whereby parents tell their child “It’s nothing to worry about, dear”. This dismissive attitude is rooted in the erroneous belief that a fine-toothed comb and hair oil are all it takes to kill those microscopic vermin that plague your baby’s head.

Be a Super Parent and Protect Your Child!

The solution to this parasitic paranoia is simple: take your child to a professional for consultation. With an effective head-scan, you can receive expert advice and a solution that is takes into account any and all allergies that your child may or may not have. Lice Troopers have been treating head lice in schools, private homes and salons with instant results. Want a non-toxic, pesticide free lice treatmentContact us to schedule an appointment or visit our lice inspection clinic today!