Braving the Summer Heat and the Lice That Come With It

You thought you’re the only one who loves summer break, just taking time off school and work and kicking back to have a good time? Think again! You’re not alone. Lice love the summer months as much as you, but for different reasons. Lice are small bugs that build homes in our hair, crawling around our scalp as freely as the wind that blows through our locks. You’d think that with school being out your year-long watch can end, but don’t forget, your kids won’t be cut off from other kids forever. In fact, lice infestation often takes 4-6 weeks to even be noticed, and the heat and humidity of the Florida summer months means it’s the ideal time for them to build their colonies around your heads. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that lice infest the head by attaching themselves to shafts of hair and laying their eggs in your hair. Lice feed off your blood several times a day, which means the itching can get intense and begin to irritate your scalp, causing sores and scratches. So before it reaches that point, you should bring your kids into  one of our lice treatment center Orlando and schedule their annual lice check—if their school didn’t do a screening already.

What can you do to make it through the summer lice free?

Your kids will be playing with their friends, wearing hats, sharing towels and so much more that’s beyond your control. What you can do is educate your kids about the risks of sharing personal items and not taking things from their friends. Give them a check, and if you’re not sure how you’ll find lice—which can be tricky when they’re beginning to spread and the young lice are clear—bring them in and Lice Troopers will help you. With our thorough checks and treatments, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and a long term solution to the problem. Plus, we use natural and toxin free lice treatments that will not harm your kids and make the process of removal harder than it needs to be. Our lice removal centers are designed to be well lit, spacious and comfortable so the process is as painless and quick as possible—at home and D.I.Y. treatments can get frustrating for both you and your kids. Get in touch with us at 800-403-5423  or shoot us an email at and bring your family in for an annual checkup and cleanse so they can make the most of their summer without any worry! We also conduct screenings and awareness sessions at schools and camps, so you can have us come in and speak at your kids’ schools when the new session starts!