They Won’t Go Away With Time! Why Lice Infestations Require Prompt Action

Lice infestations have plagued us since time immemorial. They can be very irritating to deal with, given the fact that they can leave you scratching your head (both literally and figuratively) as popular home remedies don’t do much against them! The worst aspect of lice infestations is the fact that around 80% of them occur in children between the ages of 4 and 16. As children don’t know any better, they scratch themselves silly and leave their scalps horribly scarred!

1.Not a Self-Healing Problem:

A common misconception about lice infestations is that they’ll go away will with time. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true as modern research shows that lice have some uncanny survival skills! To understand why lice infestations can’t be cured with time, we must first understand the lifecycle of a common louse. A nit (i.e. egg of the louse) tends to take between 7 and 11 days to hatch, and 9 to 12 more days to mature into a full-fledged adult. Now all the adult head louse needs to do cause you grief is to find a mate. After pairing, the female head louse starts laying eggs. Unfortunately, female lice don’t need to mate again and again to lay eggs—research shows they can continue to do so for weeks! This causes the head lice population in your head to grow exponentially as these parasites continue to lay eggs, hatch, mate, and lay even more eggs! Looking at the life cycle of head lice, it becomes clear that this is a time sensitive issue. Therefore, parents need to prompt action when a lice infestation rears its ugly head!

2.Your Best Course of Action:

By far, the best thing to do when plagued with head lice is to seek the help of professional lice removal services. That being said, you need to be mindful of the company you hire as a majority of them have questionable practices. Most lice removal companies use toxic chemicals to address the issue of head lice. Although that may seem like a good idea at it first, the problem with that approach becomes apparent when you realize that these toxins can cause you serious troubles in the long run, ranging from nasty skin infections to premature balding! What’s even worse about this chemical-dependent approach is that head lice are growing accustomed to these heavy-handed treatments. Medical research unequivocally states that head lice are becoming toxic resistant. A recently published research paper shows that the carbaryl resistance of head lice has increased exponentially in recent years! Therefore, if you’re suffering from head lice, what you need to do is opt for a company that relies on pesticide free products to combat the issue. We at Lice Troopers use non-toxic products that are not only natural, but are completely safe for you to use. In fact, we’re so confident about the effectiveness of head lice removal services that we guarantee a one-time treatment. So, if you or your loved ones are riddled with head lice, head on over to our lice removal salon in Miami Beach to give yourself the medical attention that you deserve!