3 Hairstyles For Your Little Girls That Will Prevent Them From Catching Lice

Lice infestions, more importantly, reinfestations have always troubled parents. There’s no way to guarantee that your child won’t be re-infested but there are steps you can take that help keep their heads stay lice-free. Once of the easiest things parents can do is to give their little girls (sometimes sons) hairstyles that sufficiently lessen surface area and keep hair close to heads. Let’s take a look at some easy hairstyles:

1.A High Ponytail

a high ponytail The simple high pony tail is an easy way to reduce surface area. Brush or comb her hair, pulling it into the center of the head with each stroke. Grab as much of the fly-away hair as you can. Once you’ve collected too the hair, tie it tightly with a hair-tie. If your daughter has medium to short hair, a ponytail will be enough to significantly reduce he surface area and limit the chances of her catching lice. If she has long flowy locks then a neat bun is a better option.

2.A bun

a bun A bun works beautifully for girls with long hair. It’s won’t take long at all. There are several ways of creating a bun with her hair. You can make it the way you make a ponytail but not let the hair out when you secure it in a hair-tie. The other way of creating a bun is to twist the hair from the crown and wrap it clockwise creating a circle. As you continue wrapping the circle with the hair, it should become fuller. When you’ve wrapped all the hair, secure the bun with a hair-tie.

3.A braid

a braid There are so many ways to braid your child’s hair. The simple braid will require you to part her hair into 3 sections. In case you don’t know how to braid a hair, there are plenty of videos online to help you out. Braids are an excellent hairstyle to keep lice away because they keep the hair close to the head. Since the hair isn’t flowing around, there are less chances of lice hopping on to it! Keep things interesting and use variations of these simple hairstyles so your daughter’s never gets bored. You can try topsy tail buns, ballerina pony tails and twin brains. You have plenty options, you just need to make sure her hair isn’t ever left loose. Aside from giving her the right hairstyles, you can even tell her not to avoid sharing caps, clothing, helmets, hairbrushes and towels with other kids. In case she does catch head lice again, we’re here to help! Lice Troopers offer professional head lice removal services including in-home lice removal, home inspections & cleaning and camp & school screenings. We even a have lice treatment center at Miami Beach.  Our lice treatment center provides a comfortable, kid-friendly environment where your child can sit back and relax while we comb through their hair meticulously and extract all lice and nits. If you’re in Key Biscayne or Miami Beach, Florida call 305-901-6186 to book an appointment at Lice Troopers’ lice treatment salons.