The Top 4 Places Lice Hide

Lice love human heads.They tread on them, feast on them,lay eggs on them; in short, they have a happy life on them. No matter what social class or religious background that head belongs to, lice love all heads without discrimination. However, there are places, in addition to the head, where lice feel at home. They can survive without a human head for up to 55 hours. These tiny critters really know their way around. Here we have identified the top four places (except the human head) where lice comfortably hide and wait for their next target: Head wear Items Apart from the hair,these items are the most comfortable hiding spots for lice. Head wear items, such as caps,hats,headbands etc.provide an easy living space for the tiny bugs. It is highly recommended that you discourage your kids from sharing these items to avoid the spread of lice. Top 4 Places Lice HideCouch Cushions With a perfect amount of lighting and the warm and cozy ambience of the couch cushions, the tiny crawlers love to hide in their fabrics. Couch cushions have a very high level of head contact and this allows head lice to transfer from one head to another. The best course of action to take would be to regularly clean them with high-quality detergents and vacuum thoroughly. Top 4 Places Lice HideCarpets Carpets also provide a nice hiding spot for the creepy bugs. They are comfortable and kids like to play and lie around on them. This makes it quite easy for carpet to harbor a bug until the next victim comes along. Make sure you keep your carpets clean and watch out if your kids are spending too much time there. Car Seats It is not just homes or schools where lice can spread. Your car’s seats can also provide shelter to the tiny insects. Just as with cushions, the lice stay there until the next host comes in and quickly latch on to that head. As it can become quite difficult to avoid head contact with the car seat, you should make sure that you keep it neat and clean. Lice Troopers is one of the most incredible head lice treatment services in the United States. With outstanding expertise and skills in head lice removal, we can make yours heads absolutely lice-free. To find out how we do it, take a look at these amazing testimonials from some of our satisfie