Catch Me If You Can: Detecting “White Lice”

Lice love playing hide and seek. In fact, they love it so much; they can probably win an award for it! These pesky critters have been the bane of humans since the beginning of time. They love to prey on the hapless and helpless, sneakily making their way into our hair, unnoticed. And the best part is, they often decide to come out of hiding when we’re surrounded by people. Frustrated and stressed, we often take the shortcut—shaving our head. But is that really the solution? Can’t you get rid of the problem before it gets worse? Actually, yes, yes, you can! In fact, head lice can be prevented if we’d just pay extra attention. That itch you get during the summers? Don’t ignore it. Those white flakes that look like dandruff? Those are nits in disguise. But the worst types of lice are the ones that are difficult to detect. The ones who are colorless—the white mutant lice! These aren’t super lice. They’re nymphs. This means these are baby lice that have recently hatched and are about a week old.

But What Can You Do?

The first thing you should do is stop panicking. When you panic, you don’t think straight. And while that’s easy to say, it’s the truth. So many lice victims make the mistake of running to their nearest pharmacy to stock everything labeled “anti-lice.” But in reality, those are desperate cries for help. These anti-lice products are full of lethal chemicals and can lead to permanent disabilities! Lindane is one such chemical. If left in your hair for a couple of hours, it can even burn the scalp! But most anti-lice products claim that they’ve only used 1% of lindane— this doesn’t necessarily make them safe! Secondly, avoid home remedies at all costs. Ingredients found in your kitchen are meant for eating, not killing lice. Remedies like eggs and mayonnaise are never going to be effective because they’re protein. Your hair needs protein to grow. And lice love consuming not just your blood, but all the nutrients from your scalp!

And Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way!

Feeling down? Don’t frown! There’s a way to get rid of these critters. Lice removal services offer natural treatments that are effective at getting rid of head lice. Using special combs and shampoos that are designed to thicken hair, and paralyze the critters, lice specialists can get rid of the problem. The special combs also remove nits from each strand of hair, without damaging your scalp. Lice Troopers offers natural solutions to all your lice-related woes! Feel free to visit our Miami Beach clinic to get rid of these unsightly critters in one sitting!