Lice Troopers – A Safe, Effective and Affordable Solution to Get Rid of Lousy Head Lice

We want to talk a bit about our company or our ‘origin’ story. So, today’s blog post is all about Lice Troopers’ history, how and why our company was started and what we aim to achieve. Every good origin story begins with a struggle and the emergence of a hero, and we are proud to say that our company’s story has both of those elements.

Our Beginning

You may have heard some interesting stories about parents and how they struggle with the head lice infestation in their children’s heads. They do all that they can to get rid of the blood sucking parasites, but they soon learn that these little insects are difficult to get rid of. This is exactly what happened with Dalya Harel and her nine children. A pioneer in the head lice industry, often called “the lice lady”, she developed a pesticide free head lice treatment method for our sister company Lice Busters. The treatment was so effective that it soon became popular among parents. We use this organic and chemical free head lice treatment method in our salons.

Our Aim

We operate with a single goal “help keep schools and families lice free”. This is why we have adopted the amazing head lice removal method developed by Dalya Harel. It is the simplest and safest method for completely removing head lice. Many other treatments require more time and effort to get rid of the head lice and they don’t even get rid of 100% of the lice or nits. Our natural treatment method gets rid of the lice completely, 100% guaranteed, including the nits. Our aim is also the reason that we provide memberships to schools and provide informative materials to the community in South Florida. The awareness that we create about head lice can help prevent future infestations.


We provide four basic types of services to our clients, all centered on the complete removal of head lice from their lives.
  1. The first are our child-friendly lice treatment salons. When you visit the salons, all the members of the family will be inspected and the affected individuals will be treated for head lice.
  2. We provide the same standard of service for clients who want in-house treatments.
  3. Our home inspection and cleaning service will ensure that the client’s homes are completely lice free.
  4. We offer head lice screening and treatment service for schools and camps.
We hope that the information above helps you learn more about our company and what our goals, as an organization, are. You can contact us ( to learn more about our treatment and make an appointment. We offer same day service to all our clients, even for our in-house service.