Lice Troopers Helps Clinics Nationwide Survive The Pandemic

Other businesses partner with Lice Troopers to increase efficiency amidst a difficult period. December 8. 2020 – In these trying times, businesses struggle to stay afloat—and those in the lice industry are no exception. Lice Troopers have taken on the mantle as industry leaders, acquiring and supporting other lice clinics so their services remain visible and viable. With the pandemic in full throttle, many schools have shifted to virtual learning. To protect themselves and the public, children instead take classes online, especially in March through August. This change along with parents losing their jobs has understandably put a dent in the need for lice services and the capacity to pay for them. And now, brick-and-mortar schools have begun to reopen. The ever-present risk of contracting lice steadily increases as kids return to their schools and seasonal activities. Yet, we’re left with a bleeding industry—no longer able to serve the needs of its customers as it once could. In this time of need, Lice Troopers has risen to the challenge. Other lice clinics have experienced a 75% drop in revenue as compared to last year, while Lice Troopers has only experienced a 40% drop. Instead of making job cuts to accommodate for these losses as other businesses have, Lice Troopers has hired new employees to bolster their marketing efforts.  We’ve set systems in place to increase operational efficiency by investing heavily in digital infrastructure specific to our industry. This has allowed a significant cut in system redundancy. We also went through a round of funding in 2019. Due to raising this money, we entered the pandemic strong, affording us opportunities to help other businesses. We’ve expanded our marketing budget and created new jobs, switching strategies in order to remain profitable and continue reaching clients in need. Our CEO Arie Harel has even enlisted a Mergers & Acquisitions team to structure deals and seek synergy in partnerships. Other lice companies have taken note, reaching out to Lice Troopers for potential exit opportunities. The premier lice treatment service provider has both helped other clinics stay afloat and been there for parents and children struggling with lice. We’ve taken on the clientele of smaller businesses as well as offered referrals to clinics in alternate locations. In doing so, our marketing success can be shared with the industry as a whole. We’re all worried enough with this worldwide pandemic. Parents shouldn’t add to this worry with the nuisance of a lice epidemic. That’s why Lice Troopers has taken the responsibility of assuring that a safe and guaranteed solution remains available. “We have helped many lice removal companies to continue servicing their clients by providing support in technology, operations and marketing during the pandemic” says our CEO Arie Harel. With state-of-the-art technology handled by certified technicians, Lice Troopers provides effective lice removal treatments. Performed in one hour or less with a 14-day guarantee, these nontoxic solutions allow parents to rest easy. Our technicians focus on customer care, answering any relevant questions and informing parents on which steps to take to prevent future infestations. Those battling lice can call 800-403-5423 to book their lice screening and treatment on the very same day. Busy parents can opt for in-home treatments to deal with the problem conveniently and discreetly. For those who prefer to come into our clinics, Lice Troopers has instilled preventative measures for COVID-19, ensuring safety for both their clients and technicians. We’ve implemented all the CDC guidelines and adopted a one-family-at-a-time policy, so no other customers are present at the time of your appointment.    Contact information: Arie Harel Chief Executive Officer 800.403.5423 | 1.800.403.LICE