Where do you go for head lice removal Miami? Hundreds of pleased parents and teachers know the answer…It’s Lice Troopers. But why? What makes our Miami treatment service so superior to all the rest? Here are just a few of the reasons our clients love our service. 1. An Pesticide Free Approach Drugstore remedies and prescription shampoos rely upon harsh chemicals and toxic pesticides. Unfortunately, these are rarely effective in eradicating the head louse parasite for good. And even a few left behind can launch a bigger and stronger infestation than the first. Decades of experience have shown that the best method is the old-fashioned way—patient, thorough, manual removal of all bugs and nits. 2. A Treatment That’s Guaranteed There is nothing worse than spending the time and money on treatment only to find the bugs are still lurking. That doesn’t happen with Lice Troopers. When you schedule your treatment with us, one appointment is all you need. We’re so confident of our work, we even guarantee it. 3. A Professional, Discreet Appointment While an infestation is completely normal, and nothing to be ashamed of, most of our clients would rather the whole neighborhood didn’t know their family was being treated. Whether receiving treatment in our clinic or in your home, our technicians are highly confidential, discreet and careful to maintain your privacy. If you have scheduled a house call, we arrive in unmarked cars and are out the door in about an hour. 4. Nationally Renowned Lice Troopers is a sister company of Lice Busters NYC, founded by legendary “Lice Lady,” Dalya Harel, a pioneering proponent of the pesticide free removal method. Decades of experience are behind our company and it shows in the effectiveness of our work, our level of customer service and the satisfaction of our valued customers. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call or school consultation, please visit our website at: or call 1-800-403-LICE. # # # About Us Lice Troopers is the pesticide free, guaranteed Head Lice Removal Service™ that manually removes the head louse parasite safely and discreetly in our child-friendly salon setting or other chosen location. Providing safe solutions for frantic families, our team has successfully treated thousands of families nationwide. Our services are widely recommended by pediatricians and are reimbursed by many major health insurance carriers, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. We also provides a 100% treatment guarantee. Get lice free today with Lice Troopers. Contact: Jennie Harel, President 800.403.5423