Who do you call when a case of head lice hits? The answer is Lice Troopers, your trusted, pesticide free Miami lice treatment center, now with two convenient locations to serve you. Why professional lice removal treatment? Because nothing is faster, easier or safer for getting rid of this parasite and making sure it doesn’t come back. Rather than back and forth trips to the drugstore for harsh chemical treatments, or endless hours spent combing through your child’s hair, we offer the treatment that is guaranteed effective on the very first try. One simple appointment and you’re completely lice free. Treatment is safe for children of all ages and environmentally friendly. Dealing with the head louse parasite typically causes parents to panic. They feel unequipped to get rid of it and imagine it will be lurking in the house all over the sheets, pillows and hairbrushes, just waiting to start a new infestation, or passing back and forth between members of the family. While this parasite is certainly a nuisance, there is no need for it to completely take over your life! That’s why we strive to take the hassle out of treating this bug. Why spend hours trying to figure out the perfect treatment? Why expose your children to unnecessary pesticides? Our treatment and removal experts are professionally trained to spot and remove this bug and its nits, quickly, safely and efficiently. What’s our secret? How can a natural, non-toxic treatment be so effective? It’s in our approach. Rather than trying to kill off this bug and its nits (eggs), we remove them. Using combs designed specifically for this purpose, our technicians work through the hair making sure every single bug and nit have been removed so you don’t have to worry about a repeat infestation. Patient and meticulous, they handle the issue gently and discreetly, taking care of the problem in about an hour. That’s peace of mind! Why would you go anywhere else or try any other method when the Lice Troopers approach is so safe, efficient and effective? And no work for you! Simply contact us to set up your appointment in our salon or by house call and we make sure your case is attended to the very same day. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, house call or school consultation, please visit our website at: or call 1-800-403-LICE. We now have two Miami treatment center locations to serve you: Bay Harbor Lice Treatment Center, 1005 Kane Concourse, Suite 212, Bay Harbor Island, FL 33154 Coral Gables Lice Treatment Clinic, 2100 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33154