Announcing In-Home Lice Removal Treatments in Boca Raton!

Boca Raton residents engage in leisure and fitness, not shying away from an adventure in our gorgeous city. Now, kids and parents can rest easy when engaging in their many activities. Lice Troopers has expanded their reach and begun to serve Boca Raton with in-home lice removal treatments. This means the athletic children in Evert Tennis Academy can play doubles with no worries about possible head to head contact. It means family trips with cousins at Mizner park without concerns that a selfie in the gazebo will result in weeks of combing and chemical shampoos. 

Precautions for Pandemic Safety

First, we’d like to assure all parents that our traveling technicians follow CDC guidelines and additional precautions so as to keep both our clients and technicians safe. The last thing you need when finally addressing your lice epidemic at home is additional stress about possibly spreading covid while doing so. Our professional technicians employ these preventative measures and safety protocols:
  • Properly wash hands and follow hygiene protocols
  • Always carry the necessary products for in-home disinfecting and sanitizing 
  • Avoid shaking hands & touching faces or hair
  • Screen clients with 5 questions specific to COVID-19 
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks & gloves
  • Encourage clients to wear face masks
  • Sanitize areas in the home they have touched with alcohol before leaving
  • Wear new gloves with each client & wash hands before and after each house call

What Our Home Treatments Entail: 5 Easy Steps

Our in-home lice removal treatments take place in 5 easy steps.

1) You call to book your in-home lice removal appointment with lice troopers.

You begin the process by calling us at (561) 933-9193. Let us know your preferred date and time. Keep in mind that lice infestations should be treated as soon as possible in order to avoid a more severe and painful infestation. Luckily, we offer same-day appointments and extended evening and weekend hours. This way, you can choose the moment that’s most convenient for you and your family.

2) Our technician arrives in an unmarked car at the time of your appointment. 

We at Lice Troopers value your privacy. To ensure complete discretion, our technician drives to your home in an unmarked car, so no neighbors or prying eyes will know what’s going on. We understand the stigma around lice, so we do our very best to protect your anonymity during treatment. 

3) The Lice Troopers expert will explain the process and begin treatment. 

Our expert will screen your family if you wish, after which she/he will begin treatment on the infested persons. Lice don’t discriminate, so often when kids get it at school or playing with friends, parents end up with an infestation as well. We use only pesticide free products, avoiding insecticides that have been shown to have hazardous health effects by the CDC. We then proceed with a manual comb-out treatment, removing each and every louse and nit. You’ll get to see the parasites on a paper towel our technician uses, which people sometimes find quite satisfying. You can be fully sure that we’ll get all the lice, as we provide you with a 14-day guarantee. So, if you find any left over bug in your hair within that time, we’ll provide the second treatment for free. The treatment will only take one hour or less per person, depending on the severity of each infestation.

4) Our specialist will educate you on preventative measures.

We love helping families and schools get rid of the nuisance that is a lice infestation. More than this though, we want to equip you with the information you need to avoid more lice in the future. We’ll provide you with measures to do just that. Additionally, our experts come with our top-of-the-line lice prevention products such as shampoos and detangling sprays. When your children’s classmates go through a lice outbreak, they’ll be protected with our products. At this stage, ask us about information to get reimbursed by your insurance. Most providers will reimburse the treatment, though the traveling fee is generally not reimbursed. Ask any questions you may have, and you can be certain that your Lice Troopers technician will have the answer. Also, if you want to truly ensure re-infestation, consider our home cleaning services to eradicate any parasite still lingering in your furniture or carpets. 

5) Your technician leaves, and you’re lice-free!

When your Lice Troopers expert leaves, you and your family are lice-free! You’ll feel long-lasting relief. Now equipped with the knowledge and products you need for prevention, any worries about more lice infestation will be calmed. We provide school lice screenings, so if you appreciated our service, consider signing your kid’s school up as a Lice Troopers partner. We not only screen students for free, but also offer a discount on treatment for students in which we locate an infestation. 

About Lice Troopers

Lice Troopers provides solace to parents and schools nationwide, offering lice screenings and lice removal services. Our lice treatments are pesticide free and 100% guaranteed. We use cutting-edge technology and employ specially trained technicians for the best possible results. In addition to our various lice clinics, we serve various additional areas like Boca Raton with in-home lice removal treatments. We’re proud of securing your privacy and accommodating your treatment in a way that’s convenient to you. To book your same-day in-home lice removal treatment, call (561) 933-9193!