Tips to Prevent Head Lice

I love tiny creatures crawling in their hair, sucking blood, and causing irritation- said nobody ever!Still, no matter how many precautions you take (which you must take at all costs), you never know when head lice might strike. If you want head lice removal, here are a few tips to prevent head lice and to help you get started:

Get Familiar

In case if you haven’t dealt with a lice problem before, do some research to be able to spot lice or nits. Lice are small creatures, the size of a rice grain, and you need to sit in broad daylight to be able to spot them in the mass of hair. Lice, which haven’t yet grown, are called nits and they are even smaller to spot. Nits are stuck to the hair and resemble dandruff flakes, but nits don’t come off as easily as flakes.

Be Persistent

Don’t wait for your child to come home one day from school, scratching their head. Be vigilant and persistent in caring for your child health, which includes their hair. Make sure you check them once a week for any signs of nits or lice and regularly comb their hair with a lice comb. Common areas where lice usually reside are at the back of the head and behind ears. Also, note that lice need warmth to lay eggs and grow so you will find most of them near the scalp.

Disallow Sharing Of Personal Belongings

A common way to catch lice from others is through sharing their belongings such as hairbrush, hair clips and scrunchies, hats, sweaters and scarves. It is a good thing to teach your children to share their things with others, but disallow them from sharing their personal belongings by explaining to them the reason for it. Children need a logical explanation and you should give them that when it comes to ensuring their wellbeing.


Occasionally, sterilize everything that your child uses to make sure it is insect/pest/infection/lice free. Children can easily catch lice or some other infection so; this is a regular practice, which you should maintain being a mom. By incorporating these tips, you can make sure that your child minimizes their chances of catching lice. For a complete home inspection, call us today at 1.800.403.5423. We also provide school and camp screenings and our clinics are location in different regions all across South Florida.