Lice Survival Guide For Parents – Help Is At Hand!

“Light up the beacon, Harold… it’s safe for others – no more lice” One week later Mommy, I saw an icky bug on my pillow – than more fell out!” “Martha, we have a situation…all three kids are scratching their heads again. It can’t be lice, we just had it removed!” And lice it was…

The Common Head Louse – Easy to Breed and Spread

It doesn’t take long for one pair of head lice (or a few nits) to breed an army of disgusting blood-sucking creatures. It doesn’t take much for head lice to spread as well, using just close head-to-head contact. Parents with more than one child can face more difficulty in completely getting rid of lice, seeing high chances of re-infestation! What can be done to swim above the wave of despair that comes after a horrible head lice scare?

Regular Lice Inspection Is Crucial For Prevention

Some schools don’t bother sending lice notices and warnings to parents in the event of a lice outbreak. That means you’re on your own. You’ll have to take a proactive effort. It’s better to be prepared than be blindsided with an out of nowhere lice infestation. Conduct weekly lice inspections, behind the child’s ears and nape of the neck. Make a habit of performing these checks, while brushing their hair. This is the only way to make sure your child’s head is safe from those bloodsucking parasites…

Caught A Few Lice After Treatment – Now What?

It’s normal to catch a few stray lice even after treatment, due to their fast but short life cycle. This is also because nits need to be removed by hand or with a special comb’s help. Keep the following in mind:
  •  Continue checking hair throughout next month…after every couple of days
  •  A follow-up lice removal and inspection treatment is recommended
  •  Minimize chances of head lice after treatment by covering hair when sleeping
  •  Stop sharing hair care items and hats/helmets with your kids
  •  Tell them to do the same – lice sometimes cling to an object, then hitchhikes to a new head
It’s a better idea to consult with a professional lice removal technician regarding correct and effective lice preventative measures. Lice Troopers provides complete follow-up instructions and lice prevention education to all families who visit for lice removal. Schedule an appointment by calling on 800-403-5423 today!