Haunted House: The Lingering Effects of Head Lice

Like a ghost in old hallways, floating in empty mansions, some problems never really leave you alone—haunting you to no end as you run the opposite direction as fast as you possibly can. One such example is the attack of head lice which, even after relentless attempts at removal, doesn’t quite say goodbye until you go the extra mile to literally wipe its existence off the face of your house!

A Haunting in Your Hair

If you’re the unfortunate victim of a lice infestation, you’ve probably tried countless remedies and over-the-counter anti-lice products to rid your hair of those blood-sucking parasites. In all likelihood, you’ve managed to minimize the presence of lice and nits in your hair, and after much trial and error, perhaps even removed them completely from your scalp. Before you gear up for a massive celebration, take a moment to examine your bed sheets and pillows, linens and towels. You might be surprised to find that the microscopic monsters never really left! By investing in drugstore products, you’ve been able to eliminate lice from your hair, but not from your house as they cling to household objects and continue to travel. Did you know head lice can survive a whole 24 hours without feasting on a human host? In addition, a female louse can lay up to five eggs or nits twice a day. In her entire lifetime, she will lay between 50 to 150 eggs that typically hatch within seven to ten days. While they cannot fly, head lice have the ability to transfer from head to head, crawling on fabrics and objects, thereby transferable by shared objects and spaces, such as a hairbrush or a movie theater.

 Finding a Lice Exorcist

Contracting head lice can be scary. But even scarier is the fact that the search for a powerful lice removal remedy continues to this very day—with most homemade remedies being ineffective, while over-the-counter products fail to address the spread of lice and nits in your home. In fact, one of the primary reasons behind the return of head lice is the fact that infested individuals focus exclusively on treating their scalp when they must also pay attention to garments and furniture. In other words, we are to treat an infestation quite like a pest control problem—calling to attention the expertise of a qualified exterminator in the shape of a professional lice removal company. Lice Troopers is a leading name in lice removal services in Kendall, Florida. Contact our team of professional lice busters for exclusive home inspections and in-home treatments today!