Are You More Likely To Contract Lice Than Your Friend?

Lice are tiny, parasitic insects that survive by feeding on human blood. They usually occur in school-going children, as infestations occur due to close personal contact or through the sharing of personal items. They’re more common than one might think, and are a source of major annoyance for many. Like any other infestation, your susceptibility to lice is exacerbated by a few factors. Let’s take a look at some of them.

How does one contract lice?

Research has shown that lice have been around for more than 100,000 years ago. Here are some common causes of lice infestations:

1.Physical contact

If you come into head-to-head or body-to-body contact with someone who has lice, it’s likely that they’ll crawl up your scalp. This is why lice infestations spread like wildfire among families or people living under the same roof.

2.Shared belongings

Sharing items such as clothing, headphones, towels, hair accessories, brushes, combs, pillows and stuffed toys with someone who has lice is one of the main causes of a lice infestation. Even storing your personal belongings in close proximity to someone else’s can permit lice to spread. This is why kids in school who share the same locker rooms get infested easily.

3.Contaminated furniture

Furniture such as beds and sofas that’s stuffed or covered with a cloth can also spread lice if someone with a lice infestation has recently used it. This is because lice can live away from the human body for up to two days, and if during that time, you sit on the sofa, it’s likely you’ll have a case of lice on your hands.

Some common misconceptions

While we’re discussing some common factors that can cause a lice outbreak, let’s also disregard certain myths and misconceptions about contracting lice.


Cleanliness doesn’t play a role in the growth of lice. This is so because lice only require heat and food to survive on your scalp, and that’s being readily provided by the blood vessels in your body. As such, clean and unclean hair, or dry and damp hair aren’t ideal breeding grounds for lice.

2.Only kids get lice

Considering that lice spread due to close physical contact, it’s not just children that are likely to contract them. Parents can get lice from their children, and the process goes on.

3.Pets can give you head lice

This is also untrue because the louse found in pets is different from the head lice that human beings obtain. As such, blaming your pets for lice wouldn’t be such a good idea. Now that we’ve discussed the reasons for a lice outbreak and have dispelled certain myths, it comes down to discussing what one should do once they have contracted lice. The best option is to look for a lice removal service near you and visit them for a screening. If you’re looking for a professional hair lice treatment center, contact Lice Troopers today and avail the expert services we provide at our lice salon.