Making Your Blood Run Cold: The Paranoia that Comes with Lice Infestation

Remember watching all those horror movies secretly at night when your parents told you not to? You would tip-toe into bed, cover yourself in a blanket and turn the light on. Every time you tried to fall asleep, a creek or a crack would wake you up. You grab onto the baseball bat lying on your bedroom floor, gulping, you slowly, quietly, walk toward the door. Turning the knob and tightening your grip on the baseball bat, you open the door…only to find your dad shamelessly midnight snacking in the hallway. This would happen every year until you finally stopped watching horror movies or realized that the angry, masked serial killers are only effects on a screen. Lice infestations work in a similar manner. Even if you’ve gotten rid of the problem, there’s always this creepy feeling that somewhere, somewhere, a louse is planning to take over your head.

The Struggle is Real 

After getting rid of head lice, there’s this blissful feeling; your head is lighter, there’s no more itching, and you feel like a burden has been lifted off your shoulder. You can finally style your hair the way you want. You can go up to your loved ones and tell them you no longer have creepy, crawly critters living in the strands of your hair. Unfortunately, this blissful feeling doesn’t last long. Even the problem no longer being there, you sometimes feel a ‘tingling’ sensation on your scalp. It feels like something is crawling slowly in your hair. But when you comb your fingers through your hair, there’s nothing. Snapping out of it, you get back to work, thinking nothing of it. It must be your imagination. But then it happens again, when you’re with friends, having lunch. You excuse yourself and head to the bathroom. You check and there’s nothing there. You ignore it. It must be your imagination again. Until, that is, it keeps happening. It starts interfering with your daily tasks, you constantly feel like there’s something crawling in your hair. You get annoyed to the point where you decide to shave your hair.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

If you constantly get this icky feeling that there’s something crawling in your hair, it’s time to call a lice removal service. Even if you don’t have lice, it’s good to get your head screened. There may be a few nits that are creating problems by creating the itchy, twitchy feeling. A head lice specialist will be able to determine the problem, and find out whether you have lice or not. In addition, you can also opt for home inspection services that will thoroughly clean your home, and get rid of any nits or lice that may be lurking around the corner. Lice Troopers is a lice removal clinic that offers natural treatments for removal of head lice. We also offer in-home services and home inspection for keeping your home safe and free of lice. Visit our website or feel free to call 800-403-5423 for booking information.