The Dangers of Not Treating a Lice Outbreak

The “No Nits, No Lice” policy which was once applied in all schools is now being revoked in many states. The reason for revoking the policy is simple – lice don’t present any immediate harm to children so it’s unfair to keep students out of school just because they have lice. Revoking the policy makes sense; children should be encouraged to attend school, not stopped from doing so. However, revoking the age-old policy presents one big problem – more lice outbreaks! Many parents are concerned that if the policy is revoked, people will not feel the urge to remove lice from their child’s head and since lice multiply and spread so easily, the entire school can be faced with a lice outbreak within a few weeks! So what are the dangers of a lice outbreak?

Lice Multiply at a Ridiculous Rate

Lice Multiply at a Ridiculous Rate A full on lice outbreak can be incredibly difficult to treat. Lice populations can grow exponentially on a single head. A classroom full of infested heads can cause an outbreak across the school and once that happens, it can take months to clean every head.

Lice cause scalp infections

Lice themselves don’t cause diseases however when you’ve left them on your child’s head long enough, the growing quantity of lice on their head can cause severe irritation. head scratching and head lice Humans aren’t supposed to host parasites so when we have large lice populations feeding off our scalps, it causes irritation. Kids with serious lice infestations have a tendency to itch their heads aggressively to the point their scalp forms lesions and becomes susceptible to infections.

Social Stigma

It’s safe to say that most people aren’t thrilled about the idea of having pesky critters walking around their heads. While some parents are alright with the fact that their child had lice, others are not. social stigma and head lice Children with lice often face social stigma as other kids tend to stay away from them out of fear of catching lice. The social stigma is even worse for adults. People can overlook the fact that a child may have lice but for adults to be hosting lice on their heads is unacceptable for most people. Social interactions can get really awkward if someone spots lice crawling around your hair strands!

Professional Lice Removal Services

Save yourself from the trauma of head lice infestations by calling up professional lice removal services like Lice Troopers. Our services include in-home head lice removal, home inspection & cleaning, camps & home screenings. We even have lice treatment salon in Orlando and WinterPark where we use pesticide free techniques to remove lice.