Protection from Lice – Ensuring Complete Peace for Your Kids!

Many pediatric practices in Florida report a monthly, if not weekly lice scare from the same family. Lice are difficult to get rid of, completely and thoroughly. Add the high chance of re-infestation and you have got a problem on your hand…especially if a big family of 4 kids. Head lice affects 6-12 million people in the United States, with children being targeted the most. Lice outbreaks and infestations aside, chances of reoccurring lice within a week are high as well. What can tired and disgruntled parents do to ensure complete lice removal with decreases chances of another infestation?

Refrain From Using OTC Lice Removal Products

Have you heard about super lice? Affecting 42 U.S. states including Florida, super lice is every parent’s worst nightmare come true! What are parents to do when their children come home from school or daycare, scratching their heads for the umpteenth time? Prompt Action for Lice Removal Taking instant action at the first sign of trouble will give you a significantly larger window to operate. Removing head lice isn’t easy…particularly if you are handling 3-4 infestations at once. Just keep basics in mind, how lice breeds and spreads as an example. Ask this question: what did I do wrong with lice removal the first time around? How can complete lice removal be guaranteed, with minimal effort and tears? There are two ways – one of which is endorsed by not just Lice Troopers but the National Association of Nurses and the CDC. It’s the handy-dandy and age-old nit combing method that can be carried out using a special metal nit comb. However, DIY lice removal with nit combing doesn’t guarantee 100% success rate without proper knowledge of a louse’s life cycle and re-infestation chances.

Re-infestation or Resistance – a Game of Cat and Mouse Played By Lice

Do you see lice crawling on your child’s head? Lice removal specialists recommend parents should think about two possible scenarios if live lice are found. Consider the following: There is a possibility of super lice… among the infestation that was treated last week. Another possibility could be another lice outbreak, a highly likely consideration if entire family wasn’t inspected and treated. Either way, the first and most important commandment of complete lice removal is lice inspection and screening of the entire family, not just the affected children. Getting rid of lice isn’t easy if you have a brood of children who love sharing personal hair care items with each other… Don’t take drastic lice removal methods when have an easy way out! Lice Troopers brings professional and efficient at home lice removal services. Call at 800-403-5423 to make an appointment today!