Risk Factors Associated with Chemical Rice Removal Techniques

Many people view chemical lice removal techniques as a convenient and easy way to get rid of head lice. This is because theyoften don’t know the health risks associated with chemical lice removal techniques. Chemical treatments in the form of lotions, foams, shampoos, and sprays contain substances like pyrethroids and melathions that are toxic and can prove to be harmful to human health. Listed below are a few health complications that can arise from the continuous usage of over the counter lice removal products.

Dermatological Complications

The active chemicals in lice removal solutions can cause several skin infections, chemical burns and rashes that can be quite uncomfortable to bear with and even dangerous. Moreover, these chemicals may react with the scratched patches on the scalp due to lice bites. An overwhelming majority of children who were subjected to these chemical-based treatments reported high levels of discomfort and restlessness. Moreover, there is ahigh chance of later developing an infection.

Pulmonary Problems

Pulmonary problems pertain to lungs and the alveolar system. Over the counter shampoos and topical treatments not only affect the skin, but also have an impact on the respiratory tract system. This is due to the fact that chemical and toxic fumes can diffuse through air, which can then be inhaled by parents and children. Our respiratory tract is lined with a delicate mucosal layer that keeps it moist. Chemical fumes settle on this layer and cause them to peel away, leaving the inner cells and blood vessels exposed to toxins. This is why the burning sensation is common in children while administering a chemical treatment.

Diffusion of Medication in Blood Plasma

Pesticide based chemical solutions for lice infestations can penetrate intotheblood stream through the hair follicles. This in turn increases the chances of blood poisoning. Some children have experienced seizures, and in rare cases, even death. It is natural to want a risk free treatment that does not pose a plethora of side effects. This is why opting for lice clinics such as Lice Troopers is an intelligent choice. Here, the key to efficient lice removal is the comb, and our expert staff which is trained diligently to perform the job well. For further information on our packages and services, please contact us here.