Things They Don’t Tell Us About OTC Lice Products

Marketed as “miracle treatments” OTC lice products promise struggling lice victims to help get rid of the problem. But there’s a darker side to these so-called anti-lice products. Laden with harsh chemicals that are toxic to health, OTC lice products can cause permanent damage to the scalp and lead to hair loss. One of these products is malathion, a chemical that is used as an insect repellent. According to a study published by the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, exposure to high doses of the chemical can lead to malathion poisoning. Another chemical that is used in lice products, specifically shampoos, is lindane. Lindane has been deemed ‘carcinogenic’ but is still used widely in OTC anti-lice products today. What makes matters worse is that often times, companies do not add a warning label. Most of these products are purchased by desperate parents who want to get rid of head lice from their children’s hair. Not only is lindane classified as carcinogenic, it can also cause seizures and disabilities. In some cases, it has resulted in death!

Desperate Times, Desperate Measurements

Perhaps what makes the situation grave is that companies target victims who want to do all they can to get rid of the problem. By marketing these products as ‘miracle treatments’, they create a sense of hope for lice victims. But these chemicals, even if they do work, are not worth the risks they come equipped with. It’s better to find solutions that work well and don’t affect your health negatively. While it’s confusing not knowing where to start, there are various ways to tackle the problem without using ineffective homemade remedies and harsh chemicals. One of these ways is visiting a lice removal service.

Head Lice Removal Services

Head lice removal services can help get rid of head lice without damaging your hair. These special clinics use natural products to tackle the problem. Furthermore, they also use special lice combs that are made using high quality materials. The teeth of these combs have the perfect grip, helping remove nits and lice effortlessly from every strand of hair. Lice Troopers is one such lice clinic. We use natural products to ensure safety of hair and clients. In addition, we also offer free head lice screening services, as well as in-home treatments for busy individuals. We understand that not everyone has the time to visit a lice removal clinic. That is why we’re dedicated to ensuring you get effective and efficient solutions. After the in-home treatments, we also offer home inspection services to completely remove lice from your home. Feel free to walk into our lice clinic or give us a call at 800-403-5423.

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