Your Ultimate Savior against Lice Infestation!

One of the most challenging ordeals for children and adults is getting rid of those blood-sucking parasites on their scalp. Although that might be overly dramatizing things a bit, the stubborn lice have six legs with small claws on the ends which allow them to move through the hair easily. A louse spreads by laying eggs, called nits. They crawl from head to head in search of a good host to thrive and cause a lice infestation. Where all sorts of chemical and herbal treatments haven’t proved to be satisfactory in completely eliminating head lice, we at Lice Troopers claim to provide lice removal services with 100% guarantee by using non-toxic and chemical-free treatments- that too in one go! Unlike our competitors in the industry, we offer our clients the opportunity to avail our services with utmost flexibility and at affordable rates. We offer lice treatment house calls as well as lice removal in-clinic services for our client’s convenience. Here’s a brief overview of how we work:

Step#1 – Choose the Service Type

You can either choose from the lice removal treatment within the salon or our experts can come to your place to make you lice-free! If you choose to come over to our head lice removal salon, we promise to make you lice free in a single treatment – without the need for any follow-ups or re-treatments. In our child-friendly and relaxing environment, you will undergo some safe and physician recommended treatments that are proven and guaranteed. At our salon, you will find yourself in a very comfortable, well-equipped and well-lit environment, reflecting our professionalism and customer service. However, if you choose to call us at your place, we will provide you with the same treatments at the same rates in a single day. For the sake of confidentiality, we will come in unmarked cars and screen your entire house to make it lice-free.

Step#2 – Call Us for an Appointment

Once you have decided about the type of service you wish to avail, give us a call at 800-403-5423 or book your appointment online to get a prompt and immediate response from our customer service representatives.

Step#3 – Removal & Treatment

Our team of specialists will reach you in case of house calls, or treat you for lice-removal immediately as you enter our lice treatment center on the predetermined date and time.

Step#4 – Rigorous Examination and Screening

Our team of certified professionals thoroughly examines your case and its severity to be able to treat accordingly. At this stage, all the potentially affected children and adults are screened. We suggest that you get all your family members checked for nits and lice.

Step#5 – Getting Treated

We assure you that only safe and proven treatments will be used to make you lice-free. We comb the patient’s hair one section at a time and then use our safe, chemical free products and combs to remove all the nits and lice from your hair.

Step#6 – Lice Free Certification for School Children

Post treatment, our clients receive a certificate stating that you availed our professional lice removal services. These certificates can be presented at children’s schools to verify that your child is now lice-free and can resume taking classes. Avail our amazing and pesticide free lice treatments in Miami that are harmless, affordable, and guaranteed, and get lice free in just 6 simple steps!