Mom Lice Stress

A phenomenon you might not have heard of, but currently enduring if your kid is infested with lice. Lice infestation not only affects a child’s self-confidence, but also embarrasses the parents, making them particularly uncomfortable in accepting the situation in public. But, mothers are specially affected as suddenly everyone starts judging their mothering skills. They can even find themselves in a situation known as Mom Lice Stress, MLS.

What is MLS?

MLS or Mom Lice Stress can affect any mother whose kid is already infested with lice or whose kids are potentially exposed to the infestation.

Signs of MLS in mothers whose kids may potentially catch lice

  • You are always stressed out because you think your kid might get infested
  • You think it might somehow reflect on your parenting
  • You try to keep your kid away from other kids but can’t
  • You also want to keep your kid at home all the time but you know that it’s not wise.
  • You become an expert on lice infestation prevention but think it’s not enough.
  • You are moody and cranky all the time because you spend hours upon hours treating your child for lice and cleaning the house.
  • You spend hours on the internet trying to find the perfect treatment.
  • Other moms blame you because your kid infested their kids
  • You feel something crawling on you all the time
  • Your whole body itches
  • You think clean is simply not clean enough
  • People who know about the infestation keep recommending outrageous treatments, including dangerous pesticides.
  • You constantly check your own head to see if you are infested too.

Signs of MLS in mothers whose kids are infested

All this can drive a person insane.

What should you do to get rid of MLS?

We have an easy solution: Contact us, the Lice Troopers (also called the lice doctors), or just visit one of our lice clinics in Miami or you can request us to make a house call as well. Our highly trained technicians will pay you a visit to provide you with the best treatments to get rid of lice for good. You no longer have to worry about using pesticides on your child that might show severe medical consequences later. Our treatments are pesticide free and free of all toxins and chemicals. We even save you from spending enormous amounts of time ridding your house of these creatures because we provide comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the entire household. To save yourself from MLS, call us today!