School’s Out, Lice Are In: How Your Kid’s Summer Camp May Be The Problem

Most children look forward to being sent to a summer camp at the end of the school year. And what’s not to love? Summer camps bring campfires, fun activities, new friendships, and endless sleepovers. But what we don’t usually factor into this plan is the outbreaks of lice that happen in many of them. With a reported 14 million children and adults attending camps each year in the United States, it’s not surprising that camps are hotbeds for lice. What makes summer camps the root cause of your kid’s lice problems every summer?

No precautions

When you’re sending your child away to summer camp, their hygiene and cleanliness is your responsibility. If all parents ensured their children were lice-free and camps conducted lice screenings before the summer camp commenced, a large number of outbreaks could be prevented. The lack of precautions means everyone at the camp is vulnerable to the inevitable outbreak.

Shared supplies

The fun of summer camp is getting to share a camp or room with friends, huddling over their favorite games or sharing scary stories. Unfortunately for parents, this is their worst nightmare. Communal beds, pillows, and other supplies mean there’s almost nothing you can do to stop lice spreading from one person to others.


Summer camp is packed with activities to keep your kids entertained during the day; whether they’re taking part in a scavenger hunt or doing arts and crafts, they’re bound to be working with their friends. Since lice can crawl from an infested head to other people’s, physical proximity makes everyone susceptible to getting affected.

Clothing items

Clothing items, especially ones that are close to your head, can transfer lice from one person to another. If children at the camp are sharing shirts, jackets, hats, or scarves, it’s a cause for concern. The same applies to hairbrushes, ribbons, and other hair accessories that can be shared between kids; the more people there are using the same items, the greater the likelihood of a lice infestation spreading.

What can you do about it?

The only way to deal with an outbreak of head lice at summer camps is to nip the problem in the bud.  Calling in a team of professionals to the location can help in preventing the problem before it even occurs. If you’re in the Weston Plantation area in Florida, Lice Troopers’ team of experts can come to your school or summer camp. Our lice removal specialists—who are experienced in working with children—will conduct thorough screenings of all children along with informing them of all they need to know about lice. Early detections can prevent large-scale infestations at your child’s summer camp, book an appointment for our professional lice removal services in Weston to guarantee your child—and their camp—are 100 percent lice-free!