The Recurring Case Of Head Lice

Know of something actually worse than a head lice infestation? Most parents would say another lice infestation without missing a beat. Seriously though, getting head lice once is bad enough; but twice seems like a bad joke—except, it’s not.

Lice Troopers and the Case of the Recurring Head LiceLice Troopers and the Case of the Recurring Head Lice

The most common question people have when faced with another bad case of head lice (within a short amount of time) is: How did it happen again? There are many reasons why another lice infestation often takes place within months of treating a previous case. You must have missed some nits. Even one un-hatched lice egg is enough to start another infestation!

Increased Lice Outbreaks While School Is Still In Session

An estimated 6–12 million head lice infestations occur on a yearly basis in the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The group targeted is children, between 3–11 years of age. Lice removal specialists suggest school administrations have an important part to play, for the complete eradication of lice. In the wake of lice outbreaks, schools and other institutions must send affected kids home (after giving referral of a professional lice treatment service Miami Beach) and conduct a cleaning operation of the school. As mentioned above, the most effective way to minimize another lice infestation is to remove all eggs and lice by hand. This is a job that school nurses simply refuse to do, therefore parents will have to pick one of two options: o   Conduct lice check and removal at home o   Visit Lice Troopers or call the lice removal specialists at home

Some Helpful Tips to Prevent Lice from Coming Back

You can prevent a potential reoccurrence of head lice the first time around, by taking immediate action.
  • Make sure affected individuals don’t share hair accessories and other personal belongings
  • Wash and dry (hot setting) towels and bedding immediately after treating the affected individual
  • Ensure all lice have been properly removed, including their eggs. You will have to remove nits by hand.
Following the above will exponentially decrease chances of another head lice infestation. You can also enlist the qualified help of Miami Beach professional lice removal clinics, which will take this hassle from your hands and prevent another lice infestation. Your children don’t have to miss another day of school with Lice Troopers. Don’t risk another outbreak. Contact us today and get lice free!