Super Lice – Why You Should Be Worried

Kids love playing outdoors.  But they bring in more than just sand and dirt . Among the unwanted guests, the most unwelcome and absolutely disgusting are head lice. But 21st century parents have more to worry about than just ordinary lice. New research states the pesky parasites are turning resistant to chemical treatments, hence dubbed “super lice.”

Super Lice –What Is It?

According to Kyong Yoon, an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, the new strain of head lice is resistant to most over-the-counter and chemical lice removal treatments. “Super lice” have spread over 25 states, and are showing no signs of slowing down. Does this mean parents will have trouble killing head lice? Not really. Justin Talley, an entomologist at Oklahoma State University isn’t sure there’s anything super about the permethrin resistant head lice. “It’s just head lice that are more resistant to permethrin (and other active ingredients in OTC chemical treatments), as compared to previous generations,” he explained in a press release.

Super Lice –In Other Words

Since it’s difficult to kill head lice completely in one session, chances of a few lice remaining behind are high. These head lice develop resistant traits to chemicals. What’s more, it’s highly likely that people living since the 1990s have already encountered super lice. Over-the-counter chemical treatments, such as Elimite and Nix, will become ineffective when it comes to getting rid of lice. Home remedies will become absolutely useless as well.

Tips To Follow When Dealing With Super Lice

These tips can be followed even if you aren’t dealing with super lice. Avoid Head-to-Head Contact The best defense against head lice according to Henry Ukpeh, a local pediatrician, is avoiding head-to-head contact, as lice are commonly transmitted this way. Items that touch the hair like brushes, hats, helmets, etc. should also not be shared. As a further precaution, cut your kid’s hair to a shorter length (for both boys and girls) or keep hair tied in a ponytail or braid. Keep a Clean HouseKeep a Clean House While head lice don’t really discriminate between a clean and a dirty head, you’ll certainly have more peace of mind if your home is clean. After a head lice scare, place anything that won’t be damaged in the dryer (sheets, stuffed toys, hats, pillowcases). Turn the machine on for 30 minutes and vacuum the rest of the house. You can also hire professionals to do this cumbersome job for you! Yes, killing super lice may be more difficult, but with the right lice removal treatment, getting rid of lice is very easy. Book an appointment with Lice Troopers in Weston, FL today!