Lice on Their Way? Here’s How You Can Be Ready

Standing before a mirror with blood-shot eyes, beads of sweat rolling down your forehead, your slightly damp, tangled hair undone as you maniacally drive a white needle-toothed comb through your disheveled tresses. You’re tired and desperate, but resilient and undeterred. You pull the fragile strands of your hair as they form tiny knots in bunches — breaking and falling softly on the flat surface of your bathroom floor. You remain unfazed, giving in to your impulsive streak. No one invades your head without your permission, be it a dreamy crush or a crawling parasite! Exercising Caution Here’s the bad news: head lice are as resolute about feasting on your scalp as you are about wiping their existence off the face of the planet (or just your head). The worst thing you can do is undermine their ability to survive, and downplay the enormity of their impact on your routine life. The good news, however, is that there are a number of useful tips you can follow to protect yourself from contracting an infestation. While everyone is susceptible to head lice at all times, there are certain situations where you’re particularly more vulnerable to catching them. If you’re terrified of the idea of contracting lice and even more repulsed by the idea of removing them, follow these steps to ensure you don’t find yourself in that predicament:
  1.  Know how to identify lice and nits.
If you want to defeat your enemy, you need to know what they look like! Do your research and learn how to identify the presence of lice in your hair.
  1.  Avoid close contact with someone who has a lice infestation.
Practice some subtlety and maintain physical distance. You’ll thank us later.
  1.  Do not share your hair brush nor use someone else’s.
You’ll reduce your chances of catching lice considerably by simply keeping your own travel brush in your purse.
  1.  Oil and comb your hair on a weekly basis.
Not only will this nourish and sustain the natural glow of your hair, you’ll be able to detect an infestation immediately.
  1.  Go for regular head-screenings.
Prevention is better than cure and in the case of head lice, you’re always better off safe than sorry! Looking for a place that delivers instant results? Lice Troopers is a professional lice removal company, offering non-toxic, pesticide free solutions in their exclusive lice treatment salons. We also provide home inspection and in-house services for clients who wish to stay anonymous. If you’re unsure about opting for a head-screening, just give us a call and talk to one of our representatives. Let’s work together to keep our community lice-free!