Does Your Child Have Head Lice? Here’s How You Can Tell

No parent wants to receive the infamous lice letter that details their child’s lice infestation and what measures the school is adopting. Reading it sets in a deep feeling of regret and embarrassment. You can avoid this by learning how to identify lice ahead of the school and getting your son or daughter the care that they need.

Itchy Scalp

Louse saliva has an allergic reaction with the scalp’s skin, which causes one to feel itchy. The more severe it is on a child, the more often he or she will scratch their head. But while an itchy scalp is the biggest symptom of head lice, it is not a conclusive one. An itchy scalp can be caused due to a number of reasons such as dandruff and allergic reactions. It is important that you identify the problem and its symptoms so that you are certain that the problem is head lice.

Observe With Naked Eye

The most conclusive way of ascertaining the source of the itching is to actually observe the lice with your own eyes. Sit down with your child and carefully part the hair in various places to spot lice. Head lice tend to avoid direct light and move fast, so it might be difficult to spot them. But if you move swiftly and thoroughly, you should be able to identify signs of movement. You can also check for nits (lice eggs) that have not hatched. These white or yellow-white colored ‘specks’ are located just a quarter of an inch from the scalp. They are attached to the hair. If you see them, you can deduce that there are lice present.


Excessive scratching can create sores on the infected person’s scalp. These open wounds can become infected by bacteria commonly found on the head. If your child has developed sores as a result of too much scratching, you need to get them to a lice clinic urgently. This is because the infection has reached critical levels and the lice need to be removed immediately.

Uncomfortable Sleep

Head lice have been found to be most active in the dark. This increase in activity causes severe discomfort as sensations such as tickling and itchiness become more severe. Because of the discomfort, your child may be unable to comfortably sleep at night. If you have concluded that your son or daughter has lice, it is important that you get them the necessary lice treatment as soon as possible. We are a premier lice removal salon in Kendall and can eradicate your child of the menace in just one session. By doing do, you ensure that you and your child do not have to suffer the embarrassment of the school discovering the problem. Book an appointment with our head lice treatment center in Kendall or contact us for in-house service.