Not Just Kids, Adults Can Get Head Lice Too!

Head lice are the one thing us regular folks and A-listers have in Adults Can Get Head Licecommon. Isn’t that fantastic? On a fairly recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel, Lena Headey who plays Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones admitted to contracting headlice from her son. She even visited a professional lice removal salon to get rid of the unwanted parasites! The news must have had every mom scratching their heads in shared sympathy.

1In 3Schoolchildren Gets Nits Every Year

The above statistic hovers above parents like the proverbial sword! Worst of all: there’s no knowing when your child will catch head lice; it can be at any point. This makes lice removal an even more important life skill (or mom skill); however, thorough lice removal and prevention should be handled by the professionals. Why? Adults can get lice too!

Adults Can ContractLice, But Less Likely Compared To Children

Nobody in the world has immunity against head lice. Even though adults are less likely to get lice and nits, they still do! If your child has lice and cuddles up to you, the little bugs in their hair can happily make a home on your scalp as well. Lice don’t discriminate –meaning your hair type or level of personal cleanliness doesn’t matter. Essentially, your scalp is a nothing but a food source (and a warm breeding ground) for lice. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you take a shower twice every day. According to CDC, the texture of our hair does play an important role when it comes to catching head lice. Compared to other groups, African Americans are less likely tocatch lice due to the texture and shape of their hair.

Chances Of Adults Catching Head Lice Are…Adults Catching Head Lice

In nearly 80% of all head lice cases, at least 2 family members contract it at the same time or immediately after. Out of them, siblings have the highest chance–whatever the age! Moms come at a close second. Dads in the family are the luckiest with only a 1% chance of getting head lice (even if they have hair). Regardless of the statistics and odds of you catching head lice from your children, have the family checked and screened for head lice to prevent re-infestation. Trust us; catching head lice is easy but removing the little critters and making sure other members of your family aren’t infested is difficult. Catching head lice, without anyone to help is even more difficult! In this case, the only thing to do is breathe deeply (it’s no big deal!) and head to your nearest Lice Troopers clinic in Kendall.