The Danger Game: Avoid These Anti-Lice Products

Described as six-legged insects, the size of sesame seeds, head lice don’t have the ability to fly. But what they do have is the ability to make us pull our hair out in frustration. These wingless critters can make us fall to our knees in agony. They don’t cause physical pain. But they do cause emotional distress! Nobody likes finding a nasty critter lurking in the corners of their hair. Nobody likes becoming a social outcast because of blood-thirsty, pesky critters. And because of our emotional turmoil, we often resort to taking desperate measures. And these desperate measures include using OTC products and anything labeled “anti-lice”!

Avoiding the Pharmaceutical Mafia

A lot of companies that manufacture anti-lice products will promise you miracles. With TV commercials showing individuals using hair tonics and products that miraculously remove every single critter, more and more people are falling for these gimmicks. But the reality is that these products contain harmful chemicals and pesticides that can cause irreversible damage to our health. Some of these products include, but are not limited to:


Lindane is a pesticide that has been classified as carcinogenic by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). In fact, when used in high amounts, lindane can lead to seizures, vomiting, nausea, and in worst case scenarios, death. Even the FDA reports that lindane, in high amounts, is lethal to humans and animals. The worst part is that lindane is used to make anti-lice shampoos. And most of these shampoos are aimed at desperate parents who often fall prey to these gimmicks. Some of these products encourage parents to use the solution and leave it in their child’s hair for a couple of hours. Not only does it slowly poison your child, it can be dangerous for those around them as well!


Malathion is another pesticide that’s used in anti-lice products. The government reports malathion as being “highly-contaminating.” But it’s secretly and constantly used in anti-lice products that are aimed at desperate parents. Like lindane, it can cause disabilities, burns, nausea, vomiting, and in worst case scenarios, death.

What Is The Solution?

There is only one solution and that includes natural remedies. This does not mean home remedies, as they’re also damaging to health. Lice removal services use natural remedies and special combs to ensure that no critter is left behind. With years of experience in the industry, our specialists have the right tools and expertise to remove lice in one sitting! Feel free to visit our clinic in Kendall. If you like your privacy, we also offer in-home treatments.