The Financial and Psychological Impact of Lice

Lice are a cosmetic inconvenience for most people. As such, not a lot of people think about the financial and psychological repercussions of lice, until they or their children get them. According to multiple sources, parents spend upwards of $400 on lice treatments alone. From at-home kits and products to gadgets, over-the-counter treatments, and replacement accessories, people spend a small fortune on items that don’t really offer results. Instead, users often end up with skin problems and a lighter wallet. And that, in turn, affects their mental peace, since a lot of us still feel ashamed of lice infestations, which we really could not have predicted.

What You Need to Stop Believing about Lice

Let’s get the details right. Contrary to what many believe, lice infestations aren’t caused by bad hygiene or dirty environments. In fact, the cleaner your hair is, the more lice will like it; mainly because they’ll have no natural oils or any debris barring their way. Also, there’s no specific type of hair that lice like to infest. If there’s hair and a source of blood for them, lice will most likely crawl their way into it. Instead of feeling ashamed that you or your child might have lice, understand that: Lice can affect people from all socioeconomic groups, all around the world, and are not something you should feel ashamed about. They are a simple inconvenience. So instead of believing in myths, educate yourself about the truth behind lice, which brings us to our next topic…

The Financial Consequences of Lice

As we said before, with people spending more than $400 on treatments alone (with no effective results), you can only imagine how cumbersome such an infestation can be. But again, instead of spending more money on toxic treatments that are sure to do more harm than good, it’s important that we understand what really works on lice; natural treatments. But before you rush to the nearest store, remember that there is a caveat. Even with the long list of home remedies that include most things in your home pantry, there is no solid evidence that these tricks work. In fact, there have actually been injuries and unfortunate fatalities that were caused by the use of different household products such as gasoline and even mayonnaise with a plastic bag. If you want to try natural treatments, always search for lice removal services that are reliable and actually offer concrete evidence about the effectiveness of their product to back their claim.

Looking for Lice Removal Services in Orlando, FL?

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