Can Head Lice Live In Your Lashes and Eyebrows?

Head lice are social and personal menaces. They interfere with your work life, cause stress, and are often the cause of traumatizing experiences when someone gets bullied because of them. The CDC reports that around 10 million children and students between the ages of 3 and 11 report lice infestations every year in the United States alone. But if you’re reading this blog, you probably want to know if you can get lice in your lashes and eyebrows? Let’s take a look.

Types of Lice

Parasitic by nature, lice feed on human blood to survive and mate. Human lice are classified into three main categories. The worst part? Not all of them are found on the head:
  • Body lice: Generally found in clothing, body lice only move to the skin when it’s time to feed. The medical term for body lice is pediculosis capitis.
  • Head lice: Head lice, medically known as pediculosis corporis, reside behind the ears and neckline area. Their eggs are laid closer to the scalp area, so when they hatch into nymphs, a feeding source is readily available.
  • Pubic lice: Staying exclusively in the genital area, pediculosis pubis is also called crabs. Using cement like glue, pubic lice lay eggs that closely stick to the hair shaft. Pubic lice can often be found in other body parts like lashes, eyebrows, and armpits.

Are Lash Lice Real or a Myth?

Even though rare and extremely uncommon, lash lice are quite real. Scientifically known as Phthiriasis palpebrarum, they’re a form of pubic lice that can cause extreme discomfort for anyone facing an infestation. A few symptoms of lash lice are:
  • Severe itching
  • Redness of eyes
  • Tickling and tingling feeling
  • Tearing and sticky lashes
  • Spotty lashes
  • Crusty excretions from the eyelashes
Although, when treated, lash lice can easily be gotten rid of within a week. Patients often misdiagnose themselves, however, thinking of them as a routine itching or eczema. Dealing with lice can be gross and manual pickings can often put the person doing the picking at risk.  Alternative solutions like OTC medications, shampoos, and home remedies don’t work on lash lice, so it is utmost important to visit a lice doctor and get treated accordingly. We, at Lice Troopers, offer pesticide free and organic treatment options like lotions and shampoos for effective head lice removal in a single treatment. The certified lice experts at our facilities will quickly identify and resolve your head lice-related problems. You can buy items from our unique product line for affordable prices or book an appointment to visit our child-friendly medical salons. Our discreet and professional teams will visit your house and make it lice-free if you are suffering from a home infestation. Give us a call for on-site inspections and in cases of re-infestations due to human error, we will perform our services for free. Yours and your children’s hair care are the top priority for us as we aim to increase awareness about treatments, preventions and emotional trauma regarding head lice.