Now Serving Delray Beach with In-Home Lice Removal Treatments

Lice Troopers proudly now serves Delray Beach with our premium lice treatments. Our lice removal services help busy parents cope with a stressful situation. Lice infestations tend to drag on, and our services help nip them in the bud.

We Come to You

You no longer have to drive miles to the nearest lice clinic for effective lice treatments. Our professionals drive to you at a pre-set time, fully accommodating to your schedule. We realize that lice is an urgent matter, and every day counts! Adult lice lay about 8 eggs a day, and lice bites can lead to open sores that become infected and painful after excessive scratching. That’s why Lice Troopers offers same-day appointments as well as extended evening and weekend hours. We’re here to prevent any unnecessary suffering. And when it comes to lice, our expert service removes your problem!

We Respect Your Privacy

Unfortunately, the public still attaches a taboo to lice. These parasites may be frustrating, but they’re nothing to be ashamed of! But parents can’t blame their kids or themselves for being embarrassed. It’s natural. We protect our Delray Beach customers’ privacy fully. Arriving in unmarked cars, our certified technicians maintain your discretion. They enter your home, resolve your lice infestation, and prying eyes will have no idea we ever came! There’s no need for neighbors to know about your personal troubles. That’s why Lice Troopers preserves your privacy, first and foremost.

Why Delray Beach

Delray Beach residents finally have a treatment for lice that never fails. Lice Troopers has clinics all over Florida, but we didn’t want to leave anyone behind. Those suffering from lice shouldn’t have to drive a long way to get rid of them. And you should have access to a solution that works every time—no matter what. In theory, you could do it yourself. But this takes hours for most, and it’s highly probable that you’ll miss at least one louse or nit, likely more. All it takes is one to start an infestation all over again. Lice Troopers guarantees successful treatment, so parents know for sure that these parasites will be gone by the time we leave. Delray Beach benefits from our warmth and humidity. Warm temperatures mean beach days at any point in the year. And our humid climate means glowing skin and healthy sinuses. But there are drawbacks other than sweating and feeling sticky on especially damp days. Mainly, lice love our climate! They’re drawn to specifically wet & hot environments. So our Delray Beach heads make perfect homes for the parasites. Kids will play, and lice will come. But now you know what to do when these insects invade your life: fight back with Lice Troopers. Give us a call today at (561) 933-9193 to schedule your home visit & be lice-free!