Dealing With A Lice Outbreak In Your Homeroom? Here’s The Next Step

Of the millions of new lice infestations cases that occur each year, the primary victims are children. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, children in preschools and elementary are more susceptible to lice, and can spread lice to their parents, teachers and other frequently present adults around them. That said, if you teach a class of children aged 3-12, dealing with head lice outbreak is an undefined part of the job. The idea of having these pesky critters going around the class is enough to send any teacher into panic mode, but there is no need to worry. With some preparation and organization, you can both manage an ongoing outbreak, and decrease the likelihood of one occurring in the future.

   Step 1: Spread a positive message

Children emulate the emotions of adults around them—if you panic, they panic. Make sure to let the kids know that lice infestations are in fact very common, do not carry any kind of disease, and getting lice is not a matter of having clean or dirty, messy or neat hair.

   Step 2: Alert the adults

Parents of kids with head lice, parents of other kids in the class, other teachers who take the class, school nurses and administrative staff—all these adult should be alerted of the lice outbreak. It’s important that you send a letter or call the parents to inform them; it’s more personal, and by you can keep the panic to a minimum by placating the adults with the information that the school is looking into controlling the outbreak.

Step 3: Get lice screening services

lice screening services If your school’s nurses do not conduct lice screenings, it’s important that the kids are checked by a professional. Lice screening specialists design the process especially for schoolchildren who are worried. They conduct these screening with friendliness and understanding. Each child is screened privately and only parents and teachers are informed if the child has lice. Lice Troopers is one of the leading lice removal services in Hollywood and various other regions of Florida. Our lice treatments are pesticide free and effective, and we house expert lice screeners, who work diligently and compassionately to help school managements control and prevent spread of lice. The next time you have a lice outbreak, give us a call at 800-403-5423. We waste no time in ending our specialists to your school!