On Ending The Lice Blame Game

It is sad isn’t it, how we are quick to pass scrutiny on parents whenever we find faults with their kids? They do their best to raise their little ones, stressing days and nights to make sure no troubles come their way—and yet parents find themselves at the end of a never ending list of accusations. Lice epidemics are one nerve-racking example of those accusations. Of course, anyone who has ever faced the nightmare of having others discover their lice problem has also faced the social ordeals, though parents are most judged of all. The reason being that head lice is quite common in children; over 6 million kids between the ages of 3-11 are troubled by lice infestations in the US alone. Millions of parents are piled under the hard-gazes and stern words of relatives, teachers and even complete strangers.

Compassion Before Condemnation

It is time we let the concerned parents and children live. In lice ordeals, no one is to blame—no one but the lice. Lice do not have any preferences for hygiene, they do not care where a person lives, and they certainly have nothing to do with how a parent deals with their child’s hair. As long as head lice receive enough nutrition through scalp blood and sufficient shelter through hair, they will latch on to any head they come in contact with. Given the pervasiveness of head lice, it is imperative that parents, schoolteachers and healthcare providers, and children themselves receive accurate information regarding the matter. There is no need for parents to blame other parents—or the teachers—and there is absolutely no need for an unjust no-nit policy.

Taking The Right Route

As long as the children are superintended, and they do not come in close contact with each other till the lice outbreak is over, there is no need to keep any child from receiving education. If you are an adult with lice, there is no need to skip work either; a well-covered head can limit the lice to yourself.

School Screenings

Schools should make a habit of having lice screening conducted. Lice specialists are quite discrete in their practices, and only the concerned adults are made aware of each case of lice infestation.

At-Home Care

Parents have the duty to get lice treatments done. Caution starts with yourself, and it is wise to check your child’s hair every once in a while, and promptly take them for lice treatment once a lice epidemic is apparent. At Lice Troopers Orlando, we offer lice screenings in schools and summer camps throughout Orlando and Winter Park. Our specialists respect the children’s and parents’ privacy in lice screenings, as well as provide the affected kids with discount coupons for our lice services. Call us today at 800-403-5423 to make a lice removal appointment. The only thing keeping you and your child concerned should be their school escapades, not lice. We will ensure you get just that.