On the Lookout of a Lice Manifestation!

The thought of tiny, small insects crawling on your head will surely give you an unpleasant feeling, but it’s important to know and be aware of the symptoms of lice infestation. Lice are tiny, wingless creatures that live on human scalp and suck blood multiple times each day in order to survive. They spread by laying eggs, called nits, which are not very harmful until they hatch out. Having lice on one’s head is not life-threatening; however, it can cause skin infections if scratched excessively. Let’s look at some symptoms of lice infestation so that you can take preventive measures before they spread.


It is common to feel the need to scratch your head at times when you have head lice. When a louse sucks blood from your scalp, you feel itchy. Scratching the head severely can result in skin inflammations and skin breakage, ultimately leading to skin infections such as eczema. However, before things get serious and you feel prolonged itchiness on your head, get it checked for any signs or lice, nymph or nits before they spread all over your head.

Tickling Sensation

The tendency to feel a tickling sensation is also a symptom of head lice. When lice crawl on your scalp, you are likely to feel it. Not just the scalp but areas around the neck and ear may also feel ticklish since lice can reach those areas. While this sensation is not at all hazardous, it surely is disgusting and discomforting. In addition, some individuals feel itchiness due to the allergic reaction they have from the saliva of the louse after they bite.

Bumps or Soars

The presence of red bumps or soars on your head, near your ear and neck are also common symptoms of a lice infestation. Your scalp may develop red bumps that can sometimes be painful. While the louse doesn’t suck blood from the neck or ears, the itchiness in these areas are likely to be caused by the crawling of lice.

Lack of Sleep

Since, lice are more active during the night; you will find it difficult to sleep at night due to constant scratching and itching. Although the aforementioned symptoms are not very dangerous, sleeplessness is lively to aggravate a lot of problems for you. Are you or your child suffering from the above mentioned symptoms? If yes, get the best lice treatment in Miami at Lice Troopers. Our lice treatment center will provide you with pesticide free treatments to get rid of lice, nymph and nits in a single treatment. We are a head lice removal salon which, upon an appointment, will treat your scalp at your home or at our salon. Additionally, we render complete home inspection & cleaning and school & camp screenings for better results. Browse our website for further details!