Using Fluorescent Lights for Routine Home Lice Checks

Lice have been feasting on the human head for centuries now.The earliest records of dried head lice and their eggs have been found on the heads and scalps of Egyptian mummies. However,west ill do not know how far back lice go. As you might know,the tiny, wingless creatures commonly transmit from head to head and can make any head their home.As they can live without a human head for up to 55 hours, they might also spread from combs,towels,headphones etc.It is very likely that your kid will have a lice attack at least once in school life. While this is something that cannot be avoided,there are certain things that you can do to make sure that the likelihood is minimized. Routine Lice Checks with Fluorescent LightsRoutine Lice Checks with Fluorescent Lights One of the most common things done to avoid ahead lice infestation is to regularly check for the presence of bugs and nits.The easiest way to do this is to go through your kid’s scalp, and look for those white specks and six-legged crawlers.However,doing this with the naked eye is no easy task and you can easily confuse nits with dandruff, lint or dust on your kid’s head. A better approach would be to use this method in conjunction with fluorescent lights. The rays emitted from fluorescent light will help you identify the tiny nits and eggs. The reason this works is simple: objects absorb light created by fluorescent rays and since white absorbs more light than any other color, it becomes quite easy to identify white objects (nits) against a dark background (hair). Combining fluorescent light with a microscope can be the best method of detecting lice. Head Of Woman Louse Nit And Lice CombFluorescent Lights Allow Complete Ruthlessness Not only is the fluorescent light instrumental in detecting head lice, it can also be used to remove them. Since these tiny bugs have created an incredible resistance against over-the-counter products, nitpicking has again become the most popular method of removing lice. Using a high quality, fine-toothed nit comb along with fluorescent light and microscope can help ensure that all lice are removed. You might want to hire professionals who can do this for you. We at Lice Troopers have been busting lice for quite some time now.Using fluorescent light with incredible nitpicking techniques, our team ensures that they provide outstanding head lice treatment to your family.Book an appointment with us and help your kids get rid of lice.