Natural vs. Chemical Head Lice Treatment

A terrible nuisance, head lice can also cause discomfort and in some cases humiliation and alienation, although the little nasty critters are generally harmless. They don’t spread disease or illness, but do spread pretty fast from direct head to head contact, which is why it’s essential to remove them completely to prevent a re-infestation or a classroom outbreak. Chemical Danger SignOne question that parents ask the lice experts at Lice Troopers regards the proper way to remove head lice, as there are several methods that can be used, both chemical and natural. Experts agree that safest by far are the natural methods. In fact, according to the director of consumer safety and sustainability for Consumer Reports, physically removing head lice, even though it can be a daunting task, is the safest and most effective when it comes to lice removal and treatment. Following are reasons why natural remedies are the way to go.

Over The Counter Chemical Treatments Are Cancerous

Lice shampoos and sprays contain pesticide poisons such as Young Boy Patient With Fever With Digital Thermometer And WhitePyrethrum and pipernoylbutoxide. These chemicalsattempt to work against head lice, but have also been found to be carcinogenic,not to mention ineffectivein the treatment and removal of head lice. Over time lice become increasing resistant to the point that the chemicals designed to get rid of them are no longer sufficient to handle the problem.

Over The Counter Chemical Treatments Can Weaken the Immune System

In addition to being dangerous for children, these products are also absorbed into the scalp and can affect the working of the body. Children are more vulnerable to the chemicals compared to adults as they have immature immune systems. Direct exposure can cause an inflammatory response or illness.

ECZEMA Concept Design Word Cloud On White BackgroundOver the Counter Chemicals Can Cause Skin Problems

Lice shampoos often contain ‘inert’ ingredients including isopropyl alcohol and propylene glycol both of which are considered to be equally harmful. The lice experts at Lice Troopers feel that before doing any experimentation onyourself or your child when it comes to lice removal and treatment, its farbetter to choosethe natural options available. After all, it’s a matter of your family’s health. For safe, effective treatment that you can trust, call Lice Troopers, a lice removal service that operates in these cities.