Trendy Hairstyles to Prevent Head Lice

Like it or not, the schoolyard can be a hot spot for head lice infestation. It’s where children play in close proximity to each other and as a result, can come in contact with an infested child. Keeping the long hair of your little one tied is a great way to prevent head lice. It reduces the chances of a louse latching on to your kid’s tresses. You could also opt for one of these easy-to-make hairstyles to keep lice at bay.

Plait Tails

Step 1: Brush out your child’s hair thoroughly. Make a center parting and use a hair band to secure each section in a neat, low ponytail. Step 2: Make three small sections for each ponytail using your fingers. Plait the hair and fold the underside in half. Step 3: Twist each fold toward the scalp and secure it with a hair band. It’s up to you to either leave the plait in this cute style or make an elaborate French plait.

Ballerina Bun

It’s possible to contract lice by keeping hair loose. One easy way to ensure that your child doesn’t get infested with lice while at school is to arrange their hair in a neat ballerina bun. Put up all the hair in a sturdy bun to hinder the insects from latching on to hair shafts. With a pretty ballerina bun, you not only keep the hair away from the child’s face and neck, but also demonstrate a neat hairstyle.

Topsy Tail Plait

Head Lice Treatment Step 1: Pull back the hair into a ponytail. Secure it with a hair band. Step 2: Stretch the band a little to pull it away from the scalp. Use your fingers to create a small opening in the loose section of hair. Step 3: Flip the hair up into this opening and pull the entire ponytail through. This adds a fancy little top to the hairstyle. Step 4: In the last step, plait the ponytail and secure it with a hair band. You can either leave the hair as is or turn it into a topsy tail bun. There you have it! Three beautiful hairstyles to prevent a lice infestation. In case you’re looking for professional head lice removal service Miami reach out to us today! The team at Lice Troopers is skilled at using pesticide free, non-toxic methods to completely remove head lice and nits. If you’re in or around Coral Gables, FL, call at 305-396-3848.