Beat Lice Without Emptying Your Wallets – Visit Our Lice Treatment Salon In Kendall

Most parents’ go-to solution for their kid’s lice is to run down to the store and pick up anti-lice shampoos and other medication that will remove the pesky critters from their child’s head. They’ll come back home, douse their kid’s head with the medication, leave it there a few minutes and then wash it off. They have high hopes about the lice disappearing after that single wash…but that never happens.

Anti-lice medication used to work in the past; since lice have become resistant to most of the pesticides used in traditional anti-lice medication, it is now useless.

Out of frustration, parents make the mistake of leaving the shampoo in for longer or using more of it to remove the lice. By leaving the shampoo on for too long, you give it a chance to seep into your child’s head. Not only is excessive use of lice-shampoo dangerous, it’s ineffective and costly too.

Save yourself the time and money and head over to the Lice Troopers’ lice treatment salon in Kendall today!

Here’s what makes our lice treatment salon the best solution to your lice problem:

  • It will remove ALL the lice AND nits in one session. Why go through tens of bottles worth of anti-lice medication when it doesn’t work and can be harmful for your child? Remember, anti-lice medication may paralyze lice but it doesn’t remove nits. By removing lice and their eggs, we can have your child’s head completely critter-free in a matter of hours!


  • It’s cheaper, a session at our lice treatment salon is much cheaper than purchasing useless products in the market. The lice and nits can be cleaned in a single appointment. In extreme cases, an additional session may be required for $60.
  • Our treatments are pesticide free and toxin-free. Pesticides aren’t supposed to be used on our bodies – definitely not your child’s head. We use safe, pesticide free products that do not present any harm to your child.
  • We use state-of-the art technology to screen heads and ensure that all lice and nits are extracted.
  • We provide health-insurance forms. Check with your healthcare provider, it may cover our services.

If you’re in Kendall and have a kid(s) with lice, make an appointment with our lice salon Kendall today. We provide same-day appointments so your child can be lice-free on the very day you got the dreaded call from school!