Hair Care Myths we need to stop believing

Our hair is a big part of our identity which is why we spend so much time looking after it. We’ll do anything anybody says to keep it looking healthy and shiny regardless of how absurd their suggestion is. Here are some hair care myths that we need to stop believing:

1.Cutting your hair makes it grow longer

It doesn’t. Your hair grows from the root not the tips, so snipping the tips has nothing to do with hair growth. With that being said hair that is frequently trimmed looks much healthier than that which has wiry, long split ends. Also, split ends make the hair susceptible to damage. Hair damage that begins at tip of your hair moves upward. Unfortunately for us, the damage spreads up the hair at a much faster rate than hair growth causing the hair to grow much slower than it would have had it been healthy.

2.Plucking grey hair leads to more grays

Lies! The only reason people see more hair in the area is because your hair is losing pigment. The new grey hair would have showed up regardless of whether you plucked your lonely grey hair. However, that doesn’t give you the green signal to go crazy with plucking; it’s not good for your hair and will cause it become weaker with time. You probably still prefer grey hair over going bald right? Besides, you can always dye your grey hair away!

3.Shampoo causes your hair to shed

An excess of anything is harmful and shampoo is no different but shampooing your hair a couple of times a week is perfectly fine. Your hair falls in the shower due to the weight of the water pulling it down, if it didn’t fall in the shower, it would have fallen off elsewhere. In case you feel that your hair is falling more than usual, use essential oils to stimulate hair growth.

4.Bizarre lice removal techniques

lice removal techniques for kids This may not be such a big problem for adults but it definitely is for kids. The internet is filled with absurd lice removal techniques that include everything from dunking your child’s head in a tub full of water, covering your child’s head in mayonnaise and even sling wrapping their hair in attempt to suffocate lice. The only way to remove lice properly is to comb through the hair meticulously to extract all lice and then to pick out each and every nit in order to break the lice lifecycle. Feeling icky just thinking about it? Don’t fret; call up professional lice removal companies to help you out. Lice Troopers provides professional lice removal services such as in-home lice removal, camp & school screenings and at home inspection and cleaning in areas like Kendall and Pinecrest. You can also book an appointment at our lice treatment center Kendall by calling 1.800.403.5423.