Kiddy Hacks For Parents

Parenthood is rewarding. The tinkling laughter, cutely garbled words, and the tiniest little things your kids do will live with you forever. On the darker side of it is the zombie-like demeanor you have when deprived of a good night’s sleep after trying tackle your child’s issues with food, naps, clothes and basically everything else. So, the smallest parent trick can help turn the upside down life the right way. Sit back, and read on for some helpful hacks:

Kids Don’t Take Their Medicine

If your kids are at the toddler stage, then informing them of various vegetable gardens growing in their tummies helps in making them compliant during medicine time. But babies are the toughest; as far as they know, medicines are the enemy. Solution: Stick a clean medicine dropper in your child’s pacifier. It will make administering the medicine less chaotic.

Kids Won’t Eat Their Veggies

To be completely honest, adults aren’t that excited about the greens either. But we have had our fair shares of internet advices, fitness-enthusiast friends and health shows to know that a balanced diet is necessary. Kids, on the other hand, avoid veggies like the plague. Solution: This is what blenders were made for. Stick the vegetables in your kids’ smoothies for a delicious “drink” with the meal.

Kids Getting Fingers In The Doors

It’s one of the more harrowing issues of parenting—closing doors. Kids tend to stand with their fingers at every surface, which includes door corners. There is that, and they attempt to use their tiny power to open and close door themselves, putting them at the risk of getting fingers in closing doors. Solution: Slice off a foot-long piece of pool noodle, cut it up in half, and stick the hollow part over the outer edge of the door to keep it from closing all the way.

Kids Get Glitter…Everywhere

Almost everything your kids will drop, spill and splash is cleanable. So is glitter. Yes, the sparkly adversary in your worst cleaning nightmares can be picked up. Solution: Simply keep a lint roller at hand. It picks up glitter fast and effectively.

Kids Have LICE

Your child came home with an unstoppable itch in their scalp, and you know what that means. It’s (usually) lice! Relax; millions of children everywhere get lice, and it’s a solvable problem. However, instead of the usual scramble for home remedies and drug store lice chemical, go for something that won’t hinder with your child’s health. Solution: Call up professional lice removal services. Lice Troopers offer pesticide free lice treatment Miami Beach. Our lice salons are equipped with high-grade lice combs and pesticide free products to make your sure your child leaves with happy and healthy hair. Reach out to us today at 800-403-5423 to get keep your child lice-free!